Raccoon River & Des Moines Rivier - looking north to downtown (Source: Des Moines Register)

We are experiencing major flooding in the Des Moines area.  As bad as it is here, Cedar Rapids is even worse.  I helped out last night with the sandbagging effort in Union Park in Des Moines.  There is currently an immediate evacuation of residents living in the 500 year flood plan zones, but just learned that was due to some faulty information from the river sensors.  Physical measurements show it will only go up two or so more inches.  In Pleasant Hill we can see the flooded area from our house pretty well, but are high enough not to be in any danger.

Here is a video from the KCCI helicopter (CBS affiliate) so you can have a bird’s eye view.  I will have some video my wife and I shot up later on, but I wanted to post some pictures from some of the news websites which are far better than what I could have taken.

 Union Park - where I helped fill sandbags for Birdland area (Source - Des Moines Register)

Embassy Suites view - east side of river (Source - Des Moines Register)

Grand Avenue Bridge (Source - Des Moines Register)

sightseers on west side of the river (Source - Des Moines Register)

NW Beaver AVE in Johnston (Source - Des Moines Register)

Birdland Neighborhood levee (Source - Des Moines Register)

No Gas Today in Johnston (Source - Des Moines Register)

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