Tony Snow, former White House Press Secretary, Syndicated Columnist, Fox News Contributor, the first host of Fox News Sunday when the network started and Radio Personality died early this morning, losing his battle with colon cancer.  He was 53.

I’m saddened by this news.  This was his second bout with the Colon cancer which recurred last year.  I enjoyed watching him handle the press during White House press conferences when I would have a chance to see them on the news.  I also remember his contributions to shows like the O’Reilly Factor and Hannity and Colmes before he joined White House staff.  I first became acquainted to him by listening to the Tony Snow show as it was on KWKY 1150 AM every weekday late afternoon until he left to go to the White House.  One thing that I remember that surprised me when I was listening to his show – he was a huge Sponge Bob Square Pants fan.  Seeing him as the White House Press Secretary and then knowing that fact about him always made me smile.  Kind of funny picturing a senior White House official watching that show.

I also appreciated his sense of humor and his integrity.  It was also evident that he loved his family and he enjoyed his time with them.  We also got a glimpse of his faith in Jesus Christ through an article that he wrote in defense of Jesus and the Resurrection responding to a poll that The Standard of London did.  Cal Thomas wrote an article, “The Tony Snow I Know” back when discovered his cancer had returned and talked of his faith which was strengthened by this illness.

You can watch video on his life and tributes to him here.

Pray for his wife, two girls and one son, he has some very young children if I remember correctly.  Praise God for this wonderful public servant and I am thankful, as well, that he is in the presence of the Lord, cancer free.

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