Below is a video of a family who evidently are close to a tornado.  They had pulled the car over and were praying.  I’m not sure where they are.

Video HT: Ft. Hard Knox

This reminds me of a time when I was traveling back from my aunt & uncle’s house in Eldora, IA.  When drove into a severe thunderstorm.  I unfortunately had to get case at a Casey’s in Hubbard, IA and discovered that area was under a Tornado Warning, and the tornado was coming toward us.  I paid got into the car and drove away – south.  The tornado was heading east  We prayed, but I put distance between us and the tornado since it wasn’t like right on us.  If we were not able to do that we would have prayed and then gotten ourselves into a ditch or somewhere that would provide some shelter.  We would not have stayed in the car.  Any expert would tell you that you’d be better off leaving your car.

So I’m wondering if taking reasonable action would have been seen as not exercising faith for this family?  Why do people often see the two as mutually exclusive?  What do you think?

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