Not only am I concerned about Obama’s position on abortion, but also who he associates with.  Who surrounds the man, who advises the man who could be our next president?

The Apostle Paul, while not thinking of this year’s political season obviously, exhorted the Corinthian Church by saying, “Do not be deceived: ‘Bad company ruins good morals,'” (1 Corinthians15:33, ESV).  This principle can apply to many situations in life.  Who are we surrounded by?  Many people float in and out of our lives and we have no control over it.  However our long-term associations and friendships we do.  Whether Senator Obama likes it or not they do matter.  Especially when one can see a pattern emerging:

First is William Ayers, former member of Weather Underground which bombed the Pentegon and the U.S. Capitol building in the 60s.  An unrepentant terrorist.  Here is a CNN report for your consideration:

This is a long-term association which Obama has not been forthright about.  He would like us to believe that he hardly knows this guy, but that isn’t the case.  So either he’s gullible and naive both are not good traits in a President, or he is lying about his association.

This would be no different than if McCain had a long-term association with David Duke.  You can bet that CNN, MSNBC, NBC would be all over that (which they should), but they have largely given this a pass.  Why?

Then there is Tony Rezko:

Of course we all should know about his 20 year relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and he didn’t know that Wright held these positions?  Right.

There would have to be somewhat of a buy-in to stay at Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years.  I couldn’t do it, just like I couldn’t sit under a pastor who was a racist.

Then most troubling is his association with ACORN, which have been accused and are under investigation for numerous cases of voter fraud.

Some may watch these videos and say, “so what?”  Obama claims that he has superior judgement.  His associations prove otherwise – either he has been duped (which I don’t think that is the case – he is an intelligent man) or is comfortable with these individuals and groups.  That should give us pause.

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