I’ve been reading Hosea in an Accountabilibuddy group and it has struck me just how much of a whore I am, and we can all be. There is so much imagery in the bible about Jesus as our bridegroom and the church as His bride. I think this extends to us individually as His bride, and I’m a whore!

Much like the image of God having Hosea marry a whore to represent Israel and God’s relationship, when I think of my relationship with Jesus in these terms, I can’t believe how He must feel. We cheat on our spiritual spouse with time commitment issues, workaholic issues, not to mention all the “obvious” cheats like adultery, not taking care of our physical bodies, lying, cheating, etc.

I can’t imagine how our earthly spouses would feel if we treated them like we sometimes treat Jesus. I can’t imagine how my wife would feel if I never did anything “just because I love her”, or if I only spent 1-2 hours a week with her, or if I never talked to her about life. Reading Hosea just reminded me about the close loving relationship that Jesus truly wants.

Fortunately for all of us, Jesus has a lot more grace and forgiveness than our earthly spouses! Still, though, how can I be more faithful???

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