Christian Films to Remember, Part One


Having written about the problems with poorly made Christian films, we turn to a more positive focus on what have been good examples of Christians making enjoyable and worthwhile films. These films aren’t blockbusters. Most had limited budgets, limited releases, and casts that didn’t have huge star quality. However, they made the most of what […]

An Open Letter to the Liberty Movement


Dear Liberty Movement, Regarding Joel Kurtinitis’ open letter to social conservatives, it is only appropriate to reply with another open letter. I am as qualified to act as a representative for all social conservatives as Kurtinitis is qualified to represent the liberty movement. The first part of  his letter centers on what he perceives to be a […]

Book Review: Blue Collar Conservatives By Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum speaking at CPAC

There’s no question that Republicans need to broaden the party base. Libertarians and the Party establishment have offered their solutions; in Blue Collar Conservatives, Rick Santorum takes his turn at bat. Santorum says that the reason why Mitt Romney failed to defeat Barack Obama was his failure to connect with working Americans. Santorum takes Romney to task […]