Continuing on with yesterday’s list, the last 25 ideas from Randy Alcorn’s book Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Arguments:

Political Action

  1. Write to representatives and others in government at local, state, and national levels.  Be respectful, legible, straightforward, brief and non-defensive.  Enclose attractive pro-life literature.  The more personal your letter, the better.
  2. Personally phone or set up a meeting with your representatives to share your views on abortion.  Groups of three are most effective.  If possible include a pro-life doctor or other professional.
  3. Draft, circulate, and sign petitions for pro-life ballot measures, school board members, and so on.
  4. Run for political office, school board, or precinct chairman.  Or stand by other pro-life candidates with your time and money.  Churches and pro-life groups should identify and support character-qualified, knowledgeable, and skilled candidates.
  5. Help a bright young pro-lifer through law school.  Challenge him or her to set a goal of becoming a judge.  Encourage pro-lifers to enter the medical or political fields as well.

Pro-life Events

  1. Picket abortion clinics, hospitals, and physicians who perform abortions.  Write a brochure or fact sheet documenting their performance of abortions.  When abortions are only part of their practice, they are much more inclined to eliminate them to preserve their reputation in the community.
  2. Make pro-life signs for yourself and others.  Make them large and attractive, with concise (and respectful) messages.
  3. Organize or participate in a Life Chain.
  4. Join pro-life rallies and marches to galvanize pro-life efforts.
  5. Attend pro-choice rallies as a counter-demonstrator.  Be peaceful.
  6. Participate in peaceful nonviolent civil disobedience at the doorways of abortion clinics, or by standing and praying or distributing literature on public sidewalks where courts say the First Amendment doesn’t apply… Or gather for prayer in conjunction with such civil disobedience.  (My note: such a decision should be made with much prayer with the understanding of potential consequences.)

Abortion Clinic Strategies

  1. Research and write a brochure on your local abortion clinic, citing specific lawsuits and health code violations, which are a matter of public record.
  2. Collect information and initiate lawsuits against abortion clinics.  Place newspaper or billboard ads asking, “Problems after an abortion?”  Give a local or national phone number to call for medical, legal, or emotional help.  Many abortion clinics have been shut down by successful lawsuits.
  3. Hand out questionnaires and legal information to women entering and leaving clinics.  “Did you have a doctor-patient relationship?  Did the doctor ask you for a complete medical history?  Did he explain to you  the possible complications of abortion?  Did he show you a picture or explain to you the state of development of your unborn child?”  Include the number of an alternative pregnancy center.
  4. Keep new abortion clinics out of your community by informing the public, writing letters to council members, and contacting potential landlords and real estate agents.  Abortion clinics mean loss of business and declining property values due to public sentiment and frequent demonstrations.
  5. Rent space as close as possible to an abortion clinic or Planned Parenthood office and establish a pregnancy counseling center or pro-life information center.

Influencing Your Church

  1. Organize a pro-life task force and approach key church leaders.
  2. Set up a pro-life table at church with the best pro-life literature and materials.
  3. Construct a Memorial Rose Garden on your church property, where people can place memorials to unborn children who died and whose memory they wish to preserve.
  4. Place a pro-life newspaper ad, bench ad, or billboard with your church’s name and phone number, offering your help to pregnant girls.
  5. Take your church bus to pro-life activities.
  6. Have a special pro-life emphasis Sundays with special music, speakers, films and literature.
  7. Bring pro-life issues and opportunities to the attention of your pastor, Sunday school class, Bible study, or men’s women’s, or youth group.
  8. Start a group of sidewalk counselors from your church that go once or twice a week to talk to women outside abortion clinics.
  9. Pray daily for pro-life ministries and victimized mothers and babies.
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