My wife and kids are visiting her family this weekend.  It was a pretty spontaneously planned visit and with my work as an interim pastor, along with working for Serve Our Youth Network, it is hard to get away on weekends.  They’ll be back Monday (provided weather is ok) and they left yesterday.  I’ve been a pathetic, lonely mess.

Sometimes I look forward to some time by myself, but that usually lasts about a few hours.  Then night comes, and the quietness that I thought I was looking forward to, absolutely drives me bonkers.  I appreciate what extended time away does because it reminds me never to take my family for granted, and to repent for the times that I do.

Cheryl, kids, I love you and miss you, and am looking forward to you being home!  Thank you God for the wonderful family that you have blessed me with, and help me to always appreciate and cherish my time with them.

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