Maggie Karner Urges Fearless Debate on Assisted Suicide


I doubt that Maggie Karner rang in the new year thinking she was going to be asked to speak at a conference against assisted suicide. She probably didn’t foresee the suicide of Brittany Maynard or the very well-publicized media campaign that went along with it. She certainly didn’t expect to be diagnosed with a brain […]

Federal judge puts NH buffer zone law on hold

Pro-life witness continues at PP in Manchester NH.  A 25-foot "buffer" would extend to boundaries of residential properties seen at right.

A federal judge has temporarily blocked enforcement of a New Hampshire law that would have barred demonstrations of any kind within a zone extending up to 25 feet from abortion facilities. The law had been scheduled to go into effect today. The ruling in Reddy v. Foster came in response to a lawsuit filed this […]

Lawsuit filed against NH “buffer zone”


In the wake of a Supreme Court decision striking down a Massachusetts “buffer zone” law, seven New Hampshire residents have filed suit to strike down a similar law in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire law was recently signed by Governor Maggie Hassan and was due to go into effect this week. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys […]

SCOTUS Makes Right Decision on Buffer Zone Law for the Wrong Reason


New Hampshire’s buffer zone law is based on a Massachusetts law that has just been ruled unconstitutional. So much for one sorry attempt at “bipartisanship.” It seems Democrats and Republicans are equally capable of dismissing the Bill of Rights. In a unanimous decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled the Massachusetts buffer zone law unconstitutional. […]

Michael Medved on Social Conservative & Libertarian Synthesis


There were two lively panels at CPAC yesterday, meaning two panels that actually featured people with opposing views who aired their differences (in a civil manner, I might add). One involved the tension between national security and privacy. The other, much more relevant to the life issues, was about whether social conservatives and libertarians can […]

New Hampshire legislators expected to reject abortion stats & licensing bills


The New Hampshire House will vote later this week on a committee recommendation to kill a bill calling for licensing of abortion facilities in the state. A bill to require the state to collect abortion statistics will likely be sent to study. The proposed Women’s Health Protection Act (HB 1501) has ten co-sponsors and was […]

Republican Hemingway declares candidacy for NH governor

Andrew Hemingway has become the first New Hampshire Republican to announce a 2014 run against Democratic incumbent governor Maggie Hassan. The conservative activist and self-described “political technology entrepreneur” from Bristol made his declaration to a crowd of about 100 people in Manchester on Thursday evening. Calling Hassan “a status quo” governor, Hemingway outlined his platform […]

New Hampshire considers bill to track abortions

New Hampshire is one of three states that do not report any abortion statistics to the federal Centers for Disease Control. A hearing in a New Hampshire House committee hearing this week may be the first step in changing that. House Bill 1502 has eight co-sponsors, led by Rep. Kathleen Souza (R-Manchester.) “We need the […]

Former U.S. Senator Bob Smith coming back to challenge Shaheen in New Hampshire

Bob Smith represented New Hampshire in Washington for eighteen years, winning three terms in the House and two in the Senate. He was famous for his conservative views, his pro-life beliefs, and his clashes with Republican leadership. He met defeat in the 2002 GOP primary at the hands of John E. Sununu, who went on […]

Confronting the Massachusetts Assisted-Suicide Bill


Undeterred by the defeat of a 2012 ballot initiative promoting physician-assisted suicide (PAS) in Massachusetts, legislators there are working to enact PAS via legislation. I went to Boston Tuesday to listen to the hearing on the bill, H.1998. I stayed only two hours, but that was long enough for me to see that the people […]

Helping Obama Spread the Word About His “Health Care” Plan


Just so we’re clear: “We’re not going back,” Mr. Obama said. “We’re not repealing it as long as I’m president. I want everybody to be clear about that. We will make it work for all Americans.” “It,” of course, is the President’s health care plan. I will refer to it here as Obamacare, despite the […]

Hello, Advent. I’ve Missed You.

Advent has come around again, and I’m rejoicing. I was a kid when A Charlie Brown Christmas debuted on TV way back when.  In the show, Charlie Brown bemoans what he knows is an over-commercialized season. I still love that show after all these years, even though I know that the kid obviously never had to work retail […]

Congress introduces bills to nullify all state restrictions on abortion

A deceptively-titled “Women’s Health Protection Act” has been introduced in the U.S. Senate and House, in an effort to nullify all state regulations on abortion. The bill was introduced in the Senate by Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and in the House by Judy Chu (D-CA). The Senate bill, S.1696, currently has 32 co-sponsors. The House Bill, H.R. […]

40 Days for Life Leader Visits NH for Midpoint Rallies

Bob Melnyk, Manchester NH 40DFL coordinator, with Steve Karlen (Ellen Kolb photo)

Steve Karlen got off a plane in New Hampshire Tuesday afternoon and was on Pennacook Street in Manchester by 1:30. He was due to be in Greenland, an hour away toward the Seacoast, at 4. Later, he was expected in Haverhill, Massachusetts. His trip will take him to southern New England and finally to Schenectady, […]

Shutting down government to protect the Mandate: a message from my Member of Congress

(This post originally appeared in Leaven for the Loaf, 10/1/13.) On the How They’re Doing in D.C. scoreboard, I hereby give a point to Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter for answering her mail promptly. I then deduct ten for the content of her message. As a resident of New Hampshire’s First Congressional district, I emailed Shea-Porter as […]