Turned to C-SPAN while eating lunch to watch the RNC Chairman debate.  It is rather interesting that this is even televised since only the 168 people on the Republican National Committee get a vote.  Some things I learned:

  • Watching C-SPAN is something akin to watching paint dry.
  • Mike Duncan has likely been a member of the GOP since its inception.
  • Ken Blackwell is a Facebook diva, he has almost three times the “friends” as I do.
  • Twitter” is now being used as a verb.  Three years ago I would have never thought I’d hear it being mentioned in a political debate.  By the way, Twitter is the noun, and I believe the proper verb form is “tweet.”  Yes, I am a geek.
  • The current RNC Chair, Mike Duncan, thinks he’s the future of the party?  Huh?  Wouldn’t he be the present?
  • The other RNC chair candidates think that Saul Anuzis is a Twitter diva.
  • Everybody’s favorite political website is their own.
  • Everybody has to invoke the name of Ronald Reagan.
  • Ron Paul people are getting way too much attention.
  • Ken Blackwell not only owns seven guns, he’s good at using them.
  • Chip Saltsman, Ken Blackwell, Michael Steele, and Saul Anuzis buy into two-way communication.
  • Increasing our Web 2.0/Internet capabilities means more than just having a Twitter account.
  • Mike Duncan is touting technological advances that he has made, why just last year they started using the fax machine.  He did help put out a nice calendar as well.
  • The Rebuild The Party plan is getting noticed.  Ken Blackwell mentioned it, and the only candidate who hasn’t endorsed it is Katon Dawson.

Seriously, I think all who watched can agree that Mike Duncan was the real loser.  Those most helped – Michael Steele, Ken Blackwell, and Saul Anuzis.  Chip Saltsman did well, but not sure he’s going to be able to overcome CD-gate.  Katon Dawson has too much controversy and really didn’t say anything new.  Mike Duncan – zzzzzzzzzz.

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