I received an e-mail yesterday from the Republican Party of Iowa.  It for some reason was filtered by my spam guard so I didn’t read it until today.  It was all good until I got to the following section in the e-mail about the 2009 Package Plan Memberships.

I don’t have any problem with events being included, because being involved in fundraising myself for the ministry I serve – I know events cost money.  Lapel pins, I can see that too – branding, again costs money.  Getting recognition, no problem.

What rubbed me the wrong way is the “exclusive opportunities to meet with top Republican leaders” which won’t happen until you donate at least $1000, $5000 if you want “exclusive opportunities” with America’s Republican leaders.  You won’t get personal updates/communication with Iowa’s top Republican leaders unless you donate at least $5000.

That’s great if you have it.  I just wonder how many opportunities will party faithful get to meet with their leadership if they can’t afford that or contribute in other ways.  There has been much talk about focusing on grassroots efforts, and this seems to run counter to that in my mind.

I know this is has been the S.O.P. for fundraising in politics for quite some time – for all political parties.  I just wonder how this would be received in other fundraising arenas.  Like you’ll only get personal contact from me, as a pastor, if you donate $5000 to my church.

That would be ridiculous wouldn’t it?  Why is it ok in this venue?  Why should only the wealthy have access?  Does this seem elitist to you?  Maybe I’m just being petty because I’m not one with means.  Whatever the case, it touched a nerve.  I sent them an e-mail reply, but since I didn’t donate I’m not expecting to hear back.

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