Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg who hasn’t run for public office, hasn’t served in any public office, and really has nothing that qualifies her beyond her name if you were to listen to what the liberal media is not saying.  When listening to the interview below I thought for a second I was listening to a junior high kid being interviewed.  I think know my 7th grade daughter could speak more coherently.

HT: Jungle Mom for the video.

I said before that we in the United States do not have a House of Lords.  There seems to be a sense of entitlement here.  She didn’t seem compelled to run before, but now feels like Senator Clinton’s seat should just be given to her.  I have yet to hear from the liberal media about her lack of qualifications.

Now contrast her with Governor Sarah Palin who has served in public office since 1992, and in an executive role since 1996 I believe.  When she was tapped by Senator McCain as a running mate, the press bemoaned “her lack of experience” that she governed a “state with a small population” and was the mayor of a “little town.”  Watch this recent interview on Canadian TV and contrast her interview with Kennedy’s.

Clearly a night and day difference.  Did Sarah Palin give a couple of bad interviews?  Sure.  Never mind that both were edited like crazy before airing.

So who again is more qualified for public service?  Clearly not Kennedy.  Honestly I could care less if Governor Patterson appoints her, but I think he’d be doing the State of New York a grave disservice.

Update: I had my 7th grade daughter listen to Caroline Kennedy’s interview.  Before she did I said, “Kelvey, tell me what is wrong with this interview.”  I didn’t say anything else.

She listen for about 30 seconds, and said, “Dad, she needs to learn more words before she is in the Senate.”

From the mouth of babes.

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