J.I. Pakcer in A Quest for Godliness:

Theologians are called to be the church’s water engineers and sewage officers; it is their job to see that God’s pure truth flows abundantly where it is needed, and to filter out any intrusive pollution that might damage health.

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Very true.  Sort of like keeping in mind that while our context and culture may change, the Gospel does not.

  1. And remember, we are all called to be theologians. We are a priesthood of believers. All of us are to know the Word for ourselves and rightly divide the truth. The study of the Word theologically is of fundamental importance to the preservation of USA liberty.

    Btw, we've lost that, haven't we?? Now, I'm going to tell you how I think it happened: Through loss of the doctrineal awakened awareness of the body of Christ to God's Sovereignty and God saving us wholly by grace. As arminiasm and free will doctrine came in that used all sorts of circular emotional logic to justify how it is that man believes man is in control of his relationship with God – thus man is over God in the relationship (again, circular logic tries to deny what is self-evident in the doctrine)… man has lost the power of God upon Him because man is not submitted to the Sovereignty of God in the church due to widespread doctrinal errors in the body of Christ.

    As the result, think about it. The Bible says, “Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee.” But men who hold wrong doctrine submit themselves to Satan, resist the Holy Spirit – and this is the cause for the loss of freedom in the USA: the loss of the knowledge of God as Sovereign and spiritual submission to the Sovereignty of God in the Christian church in the USA. That's what the problem is. The “solution” is restoration of those doctrines in the understanding of the Christians in the USA. “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray (submit themselves to God), turn from their wicked ways (resist Satan), then I will hear from Heaven and heal the land (Satan will flee).

    I'm certain God has told me what the problem is in the US and how to solve it as stated above. Plus, God has promised He's about to release that broad-based shared understanding to Christians in the USA in a Great Awakening.

    God is good!!

    And we need ALL who are saved to be theologians and KNOW sound biblical theology. So the Bible instructs.

    God bless.

  2. You are right that we are all to be theologians in that all believers need to be in the Word. I'm Reformed, as far as, the doctrines of grace are concerned, but I'm not sure I would quite go as far as you. I see your point though.

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