I personally wasn’t very impressed by the quality of the ads this year, but this ad from Career Builder made me chuckle.

HT: GMan

It was the part about being tempted to hit small animals that did it for me.  I could have done without the guy in the Speedo though.

Update: After being cajoled (not really) by Katie and Kelsey I thought I’d add the Doritos commercial made by a couple of unemployed guys.  So here you go ladies.  I missed this when it aired, but have to say I think it is funnier than the Career Builder ad.

  1. wow, you're the first person I've seen who actually liked that spot. They lost me when they punched the koala bear. I enjoyed about the first 10-15 seconds of it, but then it just became too annoying. My favorite was the Doritos snow globe spot.

  2. Haha, I liked this one too–it was different. I also liked the Doritos commercial where the guys smashes the vending machine. It's cool because it wasn't created by a huge advertising agency, but it was the winning commercial from two unemployed guys in Indiana. I saw an interesting video about the Superbowl ads and their significance:


  3. I really enjoyed that one too! And I completely agree with you that “being tempted to hit small animals” was what did me in on this ad. Especially getting to watch someone hit a stuffed animal, what 3 times? Another one I enjoyed was the Dorito one where the guys breaks the glass on the vending machine. I had no idea that it was created by amateurs. I saw a video on newsy about how that commercial was created by two brothers through a contest. That is pretty amazing.


  4. Yes, the Career Bulder commerc ial is funny. It would be a good stating point for discussing how do we view work? What is it's role? What is our calling in work?

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