Greta Van Susteren was up in Alaska for the Iron Dog race and had a chance to interview Alaska Governor Sarah Palin regarding the Stimulus Porkulus (or now C.R.A.P. – Congressional Relief Action Plan ala Mike Huckabee) bill.

Her message to President Obama – Veto the bill and send it back so that Congress can actually read the darn thing.

She also added an additional thought (un-related to the question asked) on the fairness doctrine.

HT: Conservatives 4 Palin

Regarding the fairness doctrine – Erick Erickson thinks that not only will this make a comeback in the Obama administration, but will expand to the internet as well.

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  1. Ouch! Expand to the internet???? Really?? Hope that's just a rumor. How could they possibly implement that?? Well, I LOVED the interview and, of course, Sarah Palin was her usual brilliant self who can talk ten feet over all our heads on the energy issue. Just added you to my blogroll. So glad to hook up with you!

  2. Palin could teach Washington a thing or two about the economy. She has cut her state budget, and imposed a hiring freeze. Having resisted the democrats demand that Alaska go on a spending spree when oil prices were high, they now have $7 billion in reserve. I also appreciated that she spoke out against the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which is in reality the Censorship Doctrine. If the 0bama administration tries to implement that, there will be a major fight, and Gov. Palin is on the right side.

  3. The reality is that 3 Republicans enabled this bill.. speaks to the disarray of the GOP and why McCain lost last November.. now is the time for Republicans to come together.. if only they had a leader.. I wonder if Palin made any phone calls to Arlin Spector or the 2 Maine senators?

  4. I think so too. I don't think enough people knew what she has done in her first two years as governor. Her leadership really placed them in the best position possible when the price of oil dropped.

    The thing I loved about her statement on the Fairness Doctrine is that it wasn't even in response to a question! It was like “oh by the way,” she had been thinking about it and didn't want to miss the opportunity to weigh in on it.

  5. Well, I'm not sure it speaks to the disarray since they were the only three in both chambers to vote for it. I would say they are pretty unified right now and they do need a leader.

    I don't know if she did, but I think even if she did her arguments would have been lost on them.

    A Governor will have limited influence on Congressional members anyway, especially ones not from her own state. They need some strong leadership from within the House and Senate. On the House side I think John Boehner stepped it up (finally), and I was also pretty impressed with Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia – he certainly did an effective job as minority whip on this piece of legislation.

  6. I think the campaign ruined any influence he once had with Democrats, and I'm not sure how much he had within the GOP caucus.

    The “we won” mentality that the Dems have right now isn't helping to approach this in a true bipartisan way. I mean we all recognize they have the majority and that they can push things through – but shaving $11 billion off of a $800 billion spending bill, the CBO doesn't even call this a stimulus is hardly compromise. I'm disgusted Specter, Snowe, and Collins were swayed by that little bone.

    I would suspect all three will be the targets for a RINO expedition when they are up for re-election. I heard one guy in Pennsylvania say – “for the first time in my life I'm going to vote for a Democrat, I mean we might as well have the real thing.” Specter will be vulnerable – he had a very tight primary last time. I think he's toast when he is up for re-election.

  7. I am thinking that we just have to wait for the pendulum to swing again.. it may take 8 years.. maybe by then a dynamic conservative leader like Reagan will emerge.

    I read something lately that saddened me.. said that we may not see another Reagan in our lifetime.. I hope we do.

  8. Go, Sarah, Go! Um, speaking of the “C.R.A.P. Bill,” what is this I hear about limitations on campuses for prayer groups, evangelism, etc. if they accept the bill's money? Please shed some light on my ignorance.

  9. I think we'll see another Reaganesque leader in our lifetime. I am one who thinks that Sarah Palin has that potential, but there are others as well.

    I don't think we'll find that person to be someone currently in Washington though.

  10. Maybe in 8 years Palin will be seasoned enough.. you know Reagan was pretty old when he was elected.. and he was a great public speaker.. Sarah is a bit too shrill for me now but I suspect she will mellow with age. Of course she will need to get reelected.. hope she does.

  11. Shrill? I think much of what she said on the campaign trail were McCain talking points. She doesn't strike me from what I've seen of her interactions in Alaska politics as negative.

    I think she could be ready in four – we'll see what the landscape is then. I unfortunately don't see the electorate sending a 70+ year old to the White House ever again. I don't necessarily agree with that, but it seems to be what the reality is.

    You are right she does need to focus on 2010 and getting re-elected.

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