Finally watched President Obama’s first address to a joint session of Congress.  You can watch video here (or below) and read the transcript here.


Well Reaganesque it was not.  Actually one of the more interesting things of the speech was Speaker Pelosi in the background.  The fact that she is third in line to the Presidency really, really scares me.  Her face looked like it was going to crack from smiling too much.  Giddy is the word I would use.  Anyway on to the actual speech.

Some thoughts:

President Obama said that he pushed for Porkulus, “Not because I believe in bigger government.  I don’t.”  I had to backtrack the video because I missed too much of the speech from laughing too hard.  Are you kidding me?

Then he followed up with the comment that “failure to act would have worsened our long-term deficit by ensuring weak economic growth for years.”  Not according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office who said that it would be better to do nothing than to implement the stimulus porkulus plan.

On taxes 95% will receive a tax cut. had some interesting comments regarding this statement.

Obama said his stimulus program provides a tax cut for “95 percent of working households” and later said that a cut would go to 95 percent of “working families.” That calls for some explanation. The key words are “working” and “cut.”

He’s referring to the “making work pay” refundable tax credit, which is only available to workers. As we pointed out previously on The FactCheck Wire, there would be no credit for retirees or those who are unemployed. A Tax Policy Center analysis found that a more modest 75.5 percent of all households would benefit, whether their members are working or not.

It is also questionable whether all of the tax refunds can properly be called “tax cuts.” The credit is refundable and, therefore, is going to many who earn so little that they pay no federal income taxes in the first place. The White House calls them tax cuts, but the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office officially scores the bill’s refundable credits under “direct spending.”

Those tax cuts will likely come out to $8 a week.  Wow, color me excited.  Spending spree!

Then with the porkulus package that he said will save or create 3.5 million jobs, with most in the private sector.  This statement has never smelled right with me.  How do you determine whether or not you “saved” a job?

I’m so glad that Vice President Biden is going to head the oversight of this stimulus plan.  Why would we want to mess with Joe when he does a great job all by himself?  By the way Joe, the website “number” is

“The flow of credit is the life blood of our economy.” Hmm… I thought profit was.  Color me now confused.

“I reject the view that says our problems will merely take care of themselves.  That says government has no role for laying the foundation of our common prosperity.”  Still thinking this speech is “Reaganesque”?  It seems so far that he is bound and determined to have government do everything.  Reagan said that government is the problem, not the solution.

His energy initiatives that will cost (as of now) $15 Billion which will pay for wind, solar, clean coal, fuel efficient cars.  No mention of increasing our domestic oil supply or tapping our natural gas supply.  Ummm… what about ANWR will that even be considered?  Can we knock off the nonsense about it?  What about nuclear?

But beware of the “ravages of climate change.”  Ok, Al Gore. 

But hey we’re going to cure cancer!  I hope everybody is ok with the healthcare system Canada or Great Britain has because that is where we are headed.

Regarding education… I just hate Federal government involvement in this anyway, and the thought of the Federal role increasing is just depressing.  Has anybody noticed that the more money we spend on the public education system the worse kids seem to do?  His only alternative was charter schools.  No other options evidently in the mind of President Obama.  Only. Government. Can. Help.

Let’s “make sure we do not pass along a debt they (our children) can not pay.”  Well Obama didn’t inherit this deficit, he likes mentioning that quite a bit, but he will certainly expand it.  But hey we can breath a sigh of relief that he and Congress signed into law a recovery bill “free of earmarks.”  I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when he said that.

The only thing I can find myself agreeing with is that the cost of the war will be listed in the budget.  That is good, it should be.  Also the increasing the numbers of soldiers and Marines, increasing their pay, and expanding healthcare and benefits of veterans (unless it comes under the socialized medicine plan).

Regarding national security, the War on Terror wasn’t mentioned once.  Terrorism was mentioned once.  Terrorists were only mentioned twice.  Though I doubt anyone can believe in “swift and sure justice” for them with his administration.

Yes change we can believe in.

And Jindal responds.

Update: I’m amazed that American Pravada (AP which some like to call the Associated Press) even said that this speech doesn’t pass the sniff test.  (HT: P.U.M.A. via Read My Lipstick Network).

  1. Shane – what I find interesting is that you and most other conservatives have not offered any plausible solutions to our current problems…simply critiques of Obama's plan. However, I know there must be conservative ideas out there. Can you please point me to solid and reliable conservative resources that communicate ideas on what we should do about our economy. Preferably resources that don't continue to overuse the term “Porkulus.”

    And doing nothing is not an option.

  2. Well CBO says it would less harmful.

    Well the probelm Dave is that alternatives were suggested to the Democrats and President Obama, and while President Obama seemed to listen, Congressional Democrats did not.

    Tax cuts for individuals & small businesses. Incentives for small businesses in particular to invest in equipment and hiring. Insure bad loans… Dave Ramsey suggested this. If there needs to be spending target it – focus it on infrastructure. Make sure that it will actually create jobs.

    Cut spending, when we are in a recession we all need to tighten our belts, government should be no different.

  3. No, because it is my money anyway. The tax cut/credit isn't what I have a problem with. It is the frivolous spending. I may give it away to charity.

    Here's the thing Dave. The recession is affecting me as well. My family health insurance got cut – that is about 25% of my salary package. I do not expect government to bail me out. I'm praying for God to provide. I am taking responsibility looking at plans that may work, and I may have to get a third job to make the payments for it.

    I am likely going to have to find a different position all together. So I don't want you to think I'm making these comments from a bubble. I'm not. I'm being hurt by this just like a bunch of other people. Here's the thing Dave – you are in the minority – before this thing was passed it had only 37% in favor of it. Why – it won't work the way it is written. Numerous economists and the Congressional Budget Office have said so.

    As far as different plans, check Senator DeMint's website, or Congressman Eric Cantor's website. Numerous conservative blogs, etc.

    I know we need a stimulus, but this isn't it. It's just spending.

  4. Also, just another thought. I think what bothers me the most is that the majority party said they were going to bring transparency to this process. They didn't post the bill online like they said they would. Legislators were not given adequate time to read the bill. President Obama said he would post bills online for five days before signing – he didn't (and hasn't yet for anything).

    Then we were told by Congress and Obama they were going to work in a bipartisan manner and GOP leaders were shut out of numerous meetings on the stimulus and they were shut out of the conferencing committee when they reconciled the Senate and House versions.

    I mean this is almost a trillion dollars don't you think more thought should have gone into this? Should have they had time to read it? I think so.

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