I know this ad by the National Republican Senatorial Committee has been circulating around a bit.  I think this ad is pretty effective in showing some disparity between Candidate Barack Obama and President Barack Obama.

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  1. It doesn't matter, though. If Obama can't deliver on his promises, in the eyes of his adoring supporters it's Bush's fault. They're not going to change their minds until they experience first-hand the damage he's going to do to the country, and even then they may still continue to blame Bush.

  2. Not even a hundred days in to this administration and here we go. How can you claim broken promises this soon. We had eight years of broken promises from the right. It only got us a huge debt and more unemployment. Our youth have a weaker education and little teaching of accepting others as they are from the republicans.

  3. Hi Dixon… they are basing it on his words as a candidate and what he is saying now. He campaigned more like a centrist, and now he is governing as a liberal.

    With the debt and out-of-control spending that happened under Bush, I'm not happy about that either.

    Obama is compounding the problem thought with more spending, and more debt – how exactly is that supposed to help?

    I'm not sure I get your last sentence there, could you clarify? Disagreement and acceptance are not the same thing. I can accept you, and I do, but not agree with you on a political position, policy, statement, etc. I'm not sure that is what you mean though.

  4. If you look to the past almost every candidate campains from the center then moves to their base when elected. I do know we have different thoughts on how to fix this. I have no problem with that.

    Bush did put us in the position we are in. However, I will not blame him if Obama's plan doesn't work. I think it is clear that tax cuts alone will not solve the problem. By the way, I am so very unhappy with both houses of congress. Republicans spent six years rubber stamping everything for Bush and democrates two years waiting to see if a democrate would be elected.

    We need to look to the future for our youth and country. Just having a balanced budget is not my goal for the future. I want good schools with updated buildings and technology. The water, electric and gas systems updated and safer. The entire infrastructure is a mess because we never want to spend money on anything.

    I have spent my adult life helping people in need. I am a Navy Veteran from the Vietnam war. I worked and still do work very hard. In the end I have no way of helping my kids or grandchildren to attend college. I tried hard to do this, but the 70's and 80's got in the way.

    I made the mistake of blaming Republicans for the crumbling education system. There is lots of blame going around for that. I also made the mistake that they are not accepting of others. That is two blanket statements that are out of line and not true. I was wrong for that.

  5. I don't know Bush ran more as a conservative and then governed as a fiscal moderate.

    I think if you were to look at the housing crisis, bank bailouts, bad loans, etc… there is plenty of blame to go around for both parties, businesses and consumers.

    I want the same things you want, but have a different approach. Think about this with a bloated Federal budget with the raised taxes that will soon follow (they will come it is just a matter of when)… that takes money away from the states who should be responsible for that infrastructure. Budget cuts are necessary in some areas in order to fund things that Government should do – infrastructure, schools (local & state, not Federal), defense, etc.

    The educational system is certainly broken and I see that as more of a societal problem than a government one. When you look at public schools who spend more per student than private schools do but don't have better results you see that it isn't just a money problem.

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