Coleen is our newest Caffeinated Thoughts contributor and should be putting up her first post very soon… a little bio:

Coleen grew up in California attending an Evangelical Free Church.   She has always been interested in theology and politics from a young age. It was that interest that took her on a spiritual journey in which she became Reformed.

She attended Vennard College near Oskaloosa, IA to study Bible and music afterwards moved to the Chicago area.  It was there where she met her husband of now 14 years.  They now live in Denver, Colorado where she homeschools her four boys, one of whom has cerebral palsy.

Welcome Coleen!  We look forward to reading your posts!

  1. I've been rather busy today so this is the first opportunity I've had to visit CT…I'm surprised that none of the readership has welcomed you yet.

    I'm glad you've joined Shane–he's a great guy and I've been blessed to be connected with him in the blogoshere.

    Looking forward to your posts, Coleen. Nice to seen a Denverite join the team: GO BRONCOS! 🙂

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