DSC00050 I attended the Des Moines Tax Day Tea Party today (you can watch KCCI Channel 8 coverage here).  I was blown away.  Eric Goranson, one of the contributors was there with me, and who he has been to a number of these protests told me that this was, by far, the largest he has seen.  I saw a good number of people I knew, and it was fun.  I am guessing around 2500 3000 (KCCI reporting an Iowa State Patrol estimate).  And contrary to what one commenter suggested in a previous post we were not overrun by white supremacists.  I didn’t see ANY (skinheads or signs with racial slurs).

The great thing about this rally, no politicians spoke.  It was all grassroots.  Just ordinary people, a small town pastor, a disabled vet, a small business owner, a college student, a couple of kids, and many more.  The only speaker that I knew was Tamara Scott, who leads the Iowa Chapter of Concerned Women of America.  There were many comments made about the Department of Homeland Security’s recent report, the Iowa Gay Marriage ruling (in which I attended a rally last week and saw another one on Monday), but most of the comments were directed at taxes and spending spree that our state and federal governments are having.

I took some pictures, and you can look at the album here or watch the slideshow below.

Update: Herd on the Hill – the Iowa Senate Republican Caucus blog posted this video.

Also the Des Moines Register has coverage here.  You can watch WHO TV 13’s coverage of the event here.  Iowa Independent has coverage of the Cedar Rapids tea party, but interestingly not Des Moines’.
You can see a panoramic view of the event here.  Read up on what is happening throughout the nation here.
2nd Update: Iowa Defense Alliance – Tax Day Tea Parties are a  First Amendment Right!
3rd Update: Another recap of the Tea Party with pictures.  Also my friend Chris gave the invocation (I missed it) and blogged about how it was reported in the Des Moines Register.

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  1. So why are we having “tea parties” all over the country? The Boston Tea Party protested “taxation without representation.” Note the second word: without. The peoples tossing tea bags today have representation.

    Somehow… this has gotten all wrong.

  2. Paul – You don't understand, we want representatives that actually represent We The People! Today's Government has gotten too controlled by their own pocket books, lobbiests, special interest groups, and their own party line. It's time Iowans and other states stopped being like sheep and voting for the name they know for umpteen terms and vote for someone that will represent our true values and ideals. Term limits may be the only way to make us actually listen to new views and learn about them instead of taking the easy way out and vote for the name we know. You are correct we have representation… “misrepresentation”

  3. Well, I'll give it to ya, looks like the nut cases were kept to a bare minimum. That's a relief.

    It'd be nice if I could see more of the signs and such, but I have no reason not to take your word for it. But in fairness, to suggest that I was implying that the event would be “overrun” by white supremacists is a bit of an overstatement…

    Good thing we live in a democracy, and aren't controlled by mob rule… otherwise every random group of 3000 people that decided to protest would direct the policy of a state with 1,674,000 registered voters… how bad would that suck?

    I mean, could you imagine if the 25,000 people who showed up to the Obama rally in Iowa on 10/31/08 just started showing up outside the capitol and demanding by sheer numbers that their policy choices became law?

  4. I took some pictures of the signs. I did see signs referencing socialism, but nothing racist. Ok, I'll give you that it was an overstatement, but you did imply we were going to have a major problem with it.

    Right to protest is a constitutional one. Do you have a problem when liberals do it (and they do tend to do it more often)? Do you say they are trying to control by mob rule?

    By the way at the Des Moines tea party at least – there were Democrats (one of them spoke), independents, and Republicans. This was non-partisan. People were angry with both parties.

  5. David, I can agree with this and I guess we will just have to see if this was just a figment of our imagination OR if it is just the tip of an iceberg that will grow into something bigger. Just remember the TEA party was held when most of those registered voters were at work. Plus there were other TEA parties held elsewhere in the State too! You almost seem to be saying that this gathering was meaningless because it wasn't 51% of the registered voters in the State! Remember the “Boston Tea Party” wasn't 51% of all Colonists either but it was the beginning of a Revolution that eventually became something much more than throwing tea in the ocean.

  6. I love the job you did on getting this on the net—–I was there and I can certainly testify that there were at least 3000 people there and everyone was there for the same reason——–to say NO MORE TAXES —-We must take America back—-theY are using play money —-money backed by nothing—–anyone could do that—what if everyone did??????Only thing is —we are honest —good hardworking people and they say that only what they do is legal—-How can only what they do be legal——seems like play money or conterfiting to me—— We're tea'd off—-they are our eployees —right???? we can fire them—-right????? VOTE THEM OUT—————–Diana

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