I’d like to highlight a new sponsor of Caffeinated Thoughts – New Reformation Press.  New Reformation Press “is committed to providing and publishing the finest in books and teaching materials dedicated to fueling a new reformation.”

You can find their sponsor links at the top of the inner sidebar.  They are featuring four products on Caffeinated Thoughts:

1.  The Gospel for Those Broken By The Church by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt (Dr. Rosenbladt is professor of theology at Concordia University in Irvine, CA, and is a co-host of the White Horse Inn podcast.

This MP3 of the recording of Dr. Rosenbladt’s presentation is tailor-made for all those folks who are "mad" at and "sad" about Christianity BECAUSE they have been "baited and switched" by the church.

Coleen recently wrote a post on this message by Dr. Rosenbladt.

2.  Law and Gospel by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt

The distinction between Law and Gospel is basic to being able to understand the Scriptures, and the art of making that distinction well was greatly advanced during the Reformation. Proper application of this distinction between God’s ‘two words’ to us has a huge impact on one’s theology and ramifications for pastoral practice.

In this recording, Dr. Rod Rosenbladt presents the Law and Gospel in the Christian Life.

3.  Bible In An Hour by Wade Butler

Bible in an Hour exhibits a clear, concise, expert synopsis of the Bible.

  • Portrays the Bible’s theme quickly and accurately.
  • Enables the listener to readily read the Bible with benefit.
  • Encapsulates years of study in a simple, direct style.
  • Explains the theme of the Bible without being preachy.
  • Provides the straight storyline of the Bible quickly.

The listener is given the big picture first allowing for later self-directed studies of the details. This is the exact opposite of how the books of the Bible are usually taught and presented.

4.  Outline by Dr. Rosenbladt of the Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin.

This is a study guide to the Institutes.

Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion has a place within the canon of the Great Books of the Western World. It is beyond dispute that Calvin’s Institutes changed Protestantism for 500 years – and is still doing so! What began in 1536 as simple catechetical booklet grew into a massive magnum opus in 1559. This final edition is outlined here.

So I hope that you check these products out, and if you decide to purchase just let them know Caffeinated Thoughts sent you their way.

Also, you can follow New Reformation Press on Twitter, and add them as a friend on Facebook.

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