Craig T. Nelson was on the Glenn Beck show yesterday.  He said, “I’m not going to pay anymore money (as in taxes).”

Watch the video:

Read the transcript.

Thoughts?  I’m not advocating tax evasion, because as a follower of Christ I can’t condone tax evasion to protest fiscal mismanagement.  Jesus said to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s,” (Matthew 22:21, ESV).

Would it be effective if a million taxpayers did so?  Probably, but as a follower of Christ I don’t believe that I’m released to do so because my fiscal conservative ideals are being ignored.

Some would say civil disobedience due to taxpayer funds being used for abortion, or perhaps other programs that may be contrary to scripture down the road (I’m not saying there will be), is appropriate.

What do you think?  When would it be ok, if ever, to practice civil disobedience through withholding taxes?

  1. I would argue — NEVER.

    I'm pretty sure that Jesus would look at the dollar bill and ask whose face was on it, whose signature was on it, and say give back to the US what the US makes.

    Bear in mind that when He first said to pay your taxes to Caesar, the government there was worse — more oppressive, more evil in every way — than anything likely to happen in the US in the foreseeable future.

    If we start saying that we don't owe taxes when a Democrat is in power, what does that mean when Republicans are in power?

    Were pacifists right to refuse to pay their taxes, since they didn't believe that their tax money should pay for wars? What about Quakers, who have a religious opposition?

    Nope … I heard Glenn Beck on about it this morning, and he played that Craig T. Nelson clip. I'm thinking about writing about it myself … the answer is that this is NOT a Christian solution.

  2. wow this post has me thinking…I do believe we are to take a stand and sometimes civil disobedience is necessary. I look at the couple in San Diego who were told without a permit they could not have a weekly bible study in their home…so do they stop the bible study? Or I look at folks who protest outside of abortion clinics or even at Notre Dame and are arrested, do they stop? Taxes are a tough one, I do know that the IRS is not going to let folks not pay taxes even though they are being used in an irresponsible manner. However, maybe some will be called to not pay their taxes…I don't have an actual answer to your question though..(long winded for nothing LOL)

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