Letterman responding to the reactions of Todd and Sarah Palin regarding his jokes about Willow.  He tried to defend himself. Oh well, the joke was about Bristol Palin, not Willow you see.  Then that’s just ok then.  The problem is that it was Willow, the 14-year-old, not Bristol, the 18-year-old who was with them in New York.  So to feign, “oh why are you upset?  I wasn’t talking about Willow.”  Get your facts straight, ignorance of the facts isn’t an excuse.


HT: Fausta for the video who said:

Then he asked,

“would I do anything advocate or contribute to underage sexual abuse or misconduct? Absolutely not, not in a thousand years!”

But is he all for “advocating or contributing” to the sexual abuse of women over the age of eighteen.

That is just so much better, right?  No.  Whether he meant Willow or Bristol is beside the point.  Misogyny is still misogyny, whether it was directed toward a 14-year-old or an 18-year-old, or a 45-year-old doesn’t matter and it seems as though it is an ever-present theme in Letterman’s jokes.  This is an issue within our society that needs to be addressed.

Allahpundit points out the flawed logic in his response:

Don’t you see? He’d never condone statutorily raping a girl who’s underage. All he meant to do was goof on the idea that Palin’s eldest daughter, a single mother with a baby, is a whore.

Very classy let me tell you, at least he realizes his jokes are in poor taste – unfortunately he said that just to get a few more laughs.  Which also bothers me, what does it say about our society that we laugh at this crap?  Not long ago I went with some friends from high school to the Funny Bone in West Des Moines.  Comic, after comic came up and spewed the same sex-ridden crap in order to get cheap laughs.  It is sad this is what comedy has devolved to.  I’ve since been called by the Funny Bone on two separate occasions having won free tickets and I’ve declined both times.  I simply will not support that type of comedy.  Period.

One commenter I had yesterday, Writeonbro, mentioned:

Shane…Shane…Shame on you. I thought as a conservative you would protect not thread on Dave’s right to free speech. We really don’t want to resurrect "ye ol’ office of censorship" at any cost.

He and I normally see eye to eye most of the time, but I did want to respond in a post to this type of argument as to why I am speaking out against Letterman and this mindset.  I’m not saying get the government involved.  There have been a few that are saying “report him to the FCC!”  That is the wrong approach.  I don’t want the government to be involved.  He does have the constitutional right to make his vile jokes.  I also have a constitutional right to protest.

Letterman doesn’t have a “right” to get paid to make those comments however.  So I’d encourage you to keep contacting CBS:

  • General CBS contact form can be found here.
  • "Lateshow" feedback form can be found here.
  • Call CBS: 212-975-4321

CBS bigwig contact addresses:

And contact his sponsors – some can be found here and here.  And I’ll update if I become aware of more info.

The only thing funny about last night’s piece is when he said “this may be my last show.”  Oh I sincerely hope so.

Though maybe stay on long enough for Todd Palin to sit down for an interview with him.  That would be entertaining.

Update: On Facebook, a statement from Meghan Stapleton, Palin’s SarahPAC spokesperson.

"The Palins have no intention of providing a ratings boost for David Letterman by appearing on his show. Plus, it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman."

I had hoped, but didn’t expect David Letterman would man up and apologize.  He just proved he is a boor and a coward.  Real men don’t make comments like this, whether they are jokes or not.  Keep the pressure on it is working!

2nd Update: Embassy Suites takes their CBS website ads down.  Keep up the pressure!

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  1. I just left a message on the CBS feedback site about the David Letterman NON apology. I doubt it will ever get read. Letterman will get away with it because of who he is, CBS should be ashamed for letting it go. Thanks for the info.



  3. Great post, Shane~ I dispise Letterman almost as much as Obama….Whoops, did I actually type that!?
    Seriously though, it has been a long time since I could watch Letterman without feeling filthy. Jay Leno was much better.
    Nice answer to your commenter from yesterday, very well put! No, we don't need more government mandates, but we do need less scum in the spotlight!

  4. If Palin is going to get anywhere with her political career she needs to stay above the frey and not get into a mud fight with the Hollywood hacks. Ashley Judd, etc… Them taking shots at political figures are here to stay. What if President Bush spent his time addressing the media's treatment of him? In my opinion politicians have bigger fish to fry. She is just showing she cannot handle the heat.

  5. Hey, she is addressing comments about her kids. I don't recall this happening to any other politicians kids (at least not this young) do you? Regarding the “pathetic” comment that was from her answer to a question she was asked during an interview.

    I'm pretty sure Huckabee would come out swinging if somebody made a comment like that about his kids (if they were the same age) or grandkids (if he has them I'm not sure if he does). She has never distributed a statement about comments made about herself, and largely ignores them.

  6. No, she pretty much talks about the media's treatment of her and her family every chance she gets. She has called out Tina Fey, Katie Couric, etc… While I would agree that the media treatment was horrible towards her (although SNL makes fun of everyone including a blind, Democrat Governor) she needs to rise above it and stop playing the victim card. It has just gotten old.

  7. Every chance she gets? Try twice. Two interviews. With the same person. Let's support conservatives instead of trying to tear potential candidates down to prop our favorite ones up.

    I still like Huckabee, and again if he were in her shoes – he'd be doing the same thing.

    So you know, how about supporting her? Let's start demanding that the kids are left alone instead of criticizing people for wanting to defend their kids.

    I think you could do that even if you support a different candidate. Besides, who knows if she's running in 2012. Possibly, but that is 3 1/2 years away.

  8. Is it not amazing what some people can get away with?? Can you imagine the outrage if anyone said anything about Obama's daughters.

    I am so angry that there is not mainstream outrage I want to scream.

    And did you see this (sorry if I missed you posting it)
    But this is a good laugh.

  9. I saw part of it, yeah Contessa Brewer is oh so thick skinned. He was dissing her network, not her personally. She cut his mike for saying MSNBC was the Obama network (which it is), but Palin was supposed to be ok with Letterman calling her slutty and joking about her daughter getting knocked up and equating her to a prostitute (Elliot Spitzer joke).

    Another thing, I had somebody comment earlier that she needs to quit defending herself. Hard to do when fact NEVER come out, and the truth is never heard on the mainstream networks. Like this plagiarism claim, blatantly untrue – transcript to prove yet, yet it got all sorts of mileage on MSNBC and other networks and was never retracted.

  10. No, she addresses the media in speeches she gives also. The topic always comes up.

    I am a blogger, remember? When have you seen me tear her down? I am not critisizing her conservative credentials. I just have an opinion of how she has been handling this and other situations. I am a mother also and I realize that keeping something that you have no control over in the spotlight is doing more harm to the family. Or is she trying to keep it in the spotlight on purpose? One will never know.

    Letterman is a jerk and nothing will change that. Wanting a mother to do what is best for her family is not tearing her down to raise another candidate up. She just needs to rise above it for her career and family's sake.

  11. Ok, true, I haven't seen you tear her down in your blog.

    You listen to every speech she gives? I guess she hasn't given that many speeches that have not centered on Alaska issues since the campaign. I don't remember it coming up in Evansville, but perhaps it did briefly, I just don't remember. The Alaska GOP fundraiser it did. I'd have to read the Reagan intro transcript again. I just don't believe she's doing it as much as you think.

    Now regarding her family – I have an opposite view. Many (including my wife & kids) would be disappointed in me if I were in her shoes and didn't address this. Kids should be off limits. They always have been.

    Does that mean this should last a month or two? No she's made her statement. I think she's doing an interview on the Today show today and they'll probably ask her about it, even though the purpose of the interview is to discuss progress made with AGIA. That is what her “tweets” have been about the last couple of days. She's made her statement through her spokesperson and then a short response from the spokesperson to respond to his request and I'm sure that will be the last they say about it publicly at least.

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