Hey did you see that today at 12:01am you were able to determine your Facebook profile URL.  This is pretty cool because it is easier to direct people to your profile (if you want that is).  Before mine was: http://www.facebook.com/people/shane-vander-hart/751730523 – not real user friendly. 

Now I have claimed – http://www.facebook.com/shanevanderhart.  It isn’t real exciting I know.  My wife thinks that I am boring with my username selection, but at least I’ll never be able to forget it :).  As always, feel free to add me as a friend.  I enjoy connecting with readers of Caffeinated Thoughts.

Have you selected yours? 

If you’d like to connect with other readers leave it in the comments below.

  1. My wife thought I was weird that I wanted to stay home Friday night to choose my FB user name. I told her “It's personal branding.” Still got the same look.

    Anyway, I grabbed my name “josephchavez” just like you. Boring? Maybe. But I'd rather own it than someone else.

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