Now with Senator Al Franken (D-MN) in place (I still have a hard time with that word combination, Minnesota what were you thinking?  I know you wanted a change, but Al Franken?  Wasn’t there a 3rd party alternative?  I digress, sorry.) Democrats not only hold the White House and the House of Representatives, they have a filibuster proof Senate with 60 members.

The NRSC put out this video reminding voters what is at stake.

It’s your baby now Democrats, the buck stops with you.

HT: Conservatism for a Millenial

Update: Forgot to mention that Senator Franken’s (oh that’s painful) first vote was against President Obama.  Unfortunately this was a bill that I had hoped he would have been with Obama on.

HT: Shannon Bell

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  1. Well, not if they act like they did pre-2006, if they govern like how they have been behaving as a minority party it'll be all good. But if they start spending like drunken sailors and forget the party platform then I agree.

  2. I heard someone saying they think Franken won't do anything, especially crack jokes, for fear of being labeled a goof-ball.

  3. It maybe the Democrats baby now, but it's the Conservatives who need to Grow up the Republican Party big time! Regular Republicans (Not Conservatives) thought that the War on Terror would give the Republicans a long time in office.

    Now that we have Fist Full of Fraudlently Foisted votes Franken, The MN Republican Party and the National Senatorial Campain needs to lool itself in the eye. You lost (and got stolen) to Fistful Franken. They also lost to Gov. Turnbuckle Jesse Ventura

  4. Dean Barkley was an Independence Party candidate who got about 15% of the vote. It's not clear what his entry did to the race.

  5. I would say, that more than likely, it helped Franken. If they are anything like the say Constitutional Party or Libertarian Party. But can't say that for certain until I see their platform.

  6. btw, is Franken technically a Democrat or a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party like Hubert Humphrey was?

  7. No checks, no balances, no nothing since they have 60 votes guaranteed to go with the president on every single bill. That was the message of the video if I recall. Then the juxtaposition of the fact that Franken doesn't always vote with the President, nor would all the other 59. It just doesn't seem like there's “no checks or balances.”

  8. The polling data is inconclusive. Some suggested that Barkley took a chunk of the anti-Coleman vote away from Franken. He probably took portion of both the anti-Franken and anti-Coleman voters and so it could have been a wash overall. Either way, it was Coleman's race to lose and he damaged himself by accepting 'gifts' and not explaining them. Even the other two minor party candidates had enough votes to potential swing the election.

  9. They'll need some cross-party support unless they can muster enough votes to close filibusters. No party is perfectly homogeneous. The conservative-leaning Democrats suddenly have a lot more power. Likewise the Republican moderates/liberals.

  10. True, and that is why the House's version of the Cap and Trade bill won't make it through the Senate.

    There are other issues that I'm worried about, and I've seen a lot of straight party line voting on both sides on certain issues in the Senate – like the stimulus package.

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