If you read my blog long enough you’ll know that I am a believer in capitalism and the free market system.  However, that system breaks down when greed enters in.  It works well and was designed for a moral people.

However, money for many has become an idol, greed takes over.  I don’t think socialism is the answer for this (actually it’s just another extension based on covetousness), but rather forsaking that idol and turning to Jesus.

But often instead we place our faith in money and try to find security in our 401Ks and possessions.  Jesus has said we that is is hard for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God, (Luke 18:25).  But often we trust in what really provides false security.

Seth Barnes shared a video this morning of Francis Chan’s message on living radically in a comfortable world – which is where most of us in the United States typically live, as Chan said many, even in the Church, are lukewarm and loving it.

Additional Thought: While I agree with Chan’s message about the dangers of wealth. He doesn’t quite come out and say it, but seems to imply those in Revelation 3:14-22 who are lukewarm are Christians who lose their salvation. I can’t go there with him.

Those who are saved will persevere and overcome.

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  1. At first I was a bit concerned about where you were going with your remarks with respect to capitalism and greed, and was relieved to read your remarks on socialism and covetousness. Since last September, all we have been treated to is a wrong headed and factually incorrect assault upon capitalism in which de-regulation and greed have been the singular culprits in the financial mess we’re in. The thing that nobody is saying (certainly loudly enough, at any rate) is that envy is no more virtuous than greed. If sin is a coin, greed exists on one side but envy occupies every bit of the other.
    .-= Brian Myers´s last blog ..John Stossel weighs in on the health care debate =-.

    1. Yeah I’m not implying that capitalism = greed. Rather capitalism can be corrupted and abuses occur when greed enters in.

      I agree with you regarding how capitalism has been misrepresented.

      I think where we do see this in play though is with Enron for instance.

  2. Dear Shane,

    I wonder why you won’t “go there” about those in Revelation 3:14-22 who are lukewarm are Christians who lose their salvation. Is it because you believe that “once saved, always saved?”

    I am certain that those “saved souls” who turn from God in their daily lives risk losing their salvation. While we cannot be “saved” by doing good acts, good acts are necessarily a fruit of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us as we plod along the path to happy destiny. Those “saved souls” who obstinately continue to produce bad fruits will, by necessity, be pruned from The Vine.

    Salvation is not some wonderous event that we pluck from a vine and have to keep for eternity. We are required by faith to renew our salvation every day; every hour and every minute in it. Salvation is a change of heart or metanoia, and the “saved souls” will identify themselves by their spiritual and corporal acts of mercy.

    One who is rescued from drowning but returns to the depths beyond his ability to swim will still perish. We must renew our commitment to God and obedience to His Commandments completely, and only then can we expect salvation as a pure act of mercy from God. If I dwell in iniquity after my metanoia, then my change of heart was not genuine. The two, iniquity and love of God and His creations, cannot be served concurrently. One will die to the true choice in one’s heart.

    1. Tom,

      In a nutshell – yes I do, but I also believe that God elects as well. It’s God who does the work, and yes it is a wondrous work, but not one of our doing. Rather than get into a long response to your comment I’ll refer you to a couple of blog posts that I have done on this subject in my “Here I Stand” series.

      On the Doctrine of Man –
      On Salvation –

      Also one major assumption made with the Rev. 3 is that being in Jesus mouth = salvation, and being spit out = loss of salvation.

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