More names being added to the GOP side, and a new poll shows that 53% of Iowans want a new governor.  Only 36% of those participating say he deserves to be re-elected, and his approval rating is at 48%.  This doesn’t bode well for Governor Chet Culver, and there are numerous people lining up licking their chops as they look at his vulnerability in 2010.

So far we have in the running: Bob Vander Plaats, Representative Christopher Rants, Senator Paul McKinley, Christian Fong, and Representative Rod RobertsSenator Jerry Behn’s name has also been mentioned, but, to my knowledge, hasn’t filed.

I have contacted each GOP candidate (who has filed).  I plan to ask each candidate the same questions and post their answers at Caffeinated Thoughts.  So far I have heard from the Vander Plaats campaign, and Representative Roberts.  I hope to start posting these next week.

The questions (limiting them to 10):

  1. What led to your decision to run for governor?
  2. Why should Iowan Republicans nominate you over others who are running?
  3. If you were to win the nomination, and then go on and win the general election, what would your administration’s top agenda be?
  4. Legislative Services is projecting a shortfall in this current budget, how would you balance the state budget?
  5. One of the main fiscal criticisms of this current administration, and the Democratic General Assembly is over spending. How would that change in your administration? How would you shrink the size of state government?
  6. One of the priorities for social conservatives is to see the recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage addressed, how would your administration do that?
  7. How would you, as Governor, advance the pro-life agenda?
  8. What is your stance on Parental Rights in Education (aka School Choice) and what would you be willing to do as Governor to champion the cause of parental choice (private education, home education, etc.) in education in the state?
  9. I work with juvenile offenders, and I am concerned about recidivism with those kids as they re-enter the community later on becoming adult offenders. Iowa’s prisoner population is growing, how would you, as a governor, address this?
  10. Anything else you would like our readers to know?
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