Wow.  This is from a town hall meeting on 8/18 with Congressman Brian Baird in Clark County, Washington.  The Marine vet involved is David Hendrick.  Congressman Baird is one of the Democrats who accused healthcare protesters of using “brown shirt” (Nazi) tactics.

Hendrick describes what happened before he was called:

I was one questioner out of 38, that was called at random from an audience that started at 3,000 earlier in the evening. Not expecting to be called on, I quickly scratched what I wanted to say on a borrowed piece of paper and with a pen that I borrowed from someone else in the audience minutes before I spoke. So much for the planned talking points of the right wing conspiracy.

I know he’s just part of the mob with feigned anger and too nice clothes. I think this is more symbolic of what has been going on in August than what I saw yesterday.

HT: Bold Color Conservative

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    1. Obama is his name you racist piece of crap!

      Corp. Hendrickson deserves to have his testicles ripped out so he can never have kids again. Then, let’s see him go running to the VA for care… a GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!

      1. @LiberalIncarnate, So because somebody disagrees with Obama they are racist? Susan, besides misspelling President Obama’s name and having the opinion he was evil, rhetoric I personally wouldn’t use, I don’t see anything in particular in her statement that was even remotely racially oriented. So how is it that you come to your conclusion that she is racist?

        As far as I know she may be African-American. I know several African-Americans who disagree with Obama. I suppose that makes them Uncle Toms?

        And because Cpl. Hendrick disagrees with government-run health care he deserves to be made a eunuch? How tolerant of you.
        .-= Shane Vander Hart´s last blog ..DM Register Spins ELCA Churchwide Assembly Decision =-.

  2. No comments, yet!? Hooahh for Corporal Hendrick (by the way, there’s no such thing as an ex-Marine).

    Right now, Congressman Baird is probably scared s***less that Cpl Hendrick might run for Congress in 2010.

    Go for it, Corporal!

  3. First off there is no Cpl David Hendrick anywere in the United States Marine Corps either active or inactive reserves. I also find it rather amusing that a “DISABLED” veteran would have any worries about the health care debate whatsoever since the Veterans Administration covers veterans health care. So coming from a “REAL” Marine who is disabled from serving his country this guy is the most disgusting piece of trash the world could have ever known!

    1. @CPL Aaron Golbeck, I’m sorry, you are just a guy who leaves a comment on my blog. If you are right, then I agree it is trashy to lie about such a thing. Having served in the in the Army there is no way I could no everybody who served. I know the Marines is a smaller branch of service, but your statement still seems pretty improbable.

      I guess can you offer any proof?

      1. Actually yes my proof comes from Marine Online which is the website that was designed by the United States Marine Corps that was established as a tool for administrative reasons. All Units use this tool for the application of personel from unit diaries for things such as MOS updates and for putting in leave requests. Now since it is required by all units to have their marines signed up on MOL it should be as simple as typing in Cpl Brian Hendrick in the Personel Locator which is provided by the site. There was no return on his name which means two things either there is not a Cpl Brian Hendrick and never was or his unit diary chief just so happened to forget to enter his name in the unit diary which would mean Cpl Brian Hendrick would have never been a Corporal or been on promotion lists or gotten a cutting score. So it would be a rather big deal had his Unit Diary Chief overlooked such a thing.

        Thanks for your thoughts

  4. Well since I joined right after 9-11 it was in place so that means it was in place when the war was going on. Now if by some chance he was not in there okay fine but what does a disabled Marine care about the Health reform for? Remember the VA? Oh and I thought it was funny that Cpl Brian Hendrick also made the comment that the so called “Death Book” or the VA handbook “Your Life Your Choices” meant that veterans should kill themselves and the US government was just putting dollar amounts on veterans because of that book. Me being disabled and grateful for the VA I recieved that same book and it helped me make my choices about a living will and turn away from possibly harming myself because my family needs me more than ever now that I am home. So I dont know what more to say. If he was a Marine okay then Semper Fi. If not then he should get a good boot in the ass from Marines around the world because you dont claim that title without earning it especially to claim the title to make a political point.

  5. I am seventy years old and retired Navy and I have just found a new hero. Bravo Zulu Marube.

  6. I for one am a former Marine, ex Marine no longer a Marine whatever, but Goldbeck you better have your shit in order before you go out talking about people like that!, I was in 89-93 Corporal of Marines 1stbn 2Mar, 2nd Mar Div, look that up son

  7. That “Marine” is of such low character that other Marines should be ashamed for him. He showed absolutely NO compassion for anyone less fortunate than himself- the uninsured. He was posing, pure & simple. He’d rehearsed that speech, and I’d like to see him try it on a single mom working 35 hours a week whose child has asthma.
    BTW, he should lose some weight before he gets too proud of being a “Marine.”

    1. @Adam, BTW real classy talking about somebody’s weight. He did he say he’s disabled… that may, just may have something to do with the weight gain.

      Also, the woman in your scenario, her child would qualify for medicaid, especially with the S-CHIP bill that was passed.

      Just because he doesn’t want the government to decide, doesn’t mean he’s not compassion. Most conservatives actually are quite benevolent. Liberals are benevolent with other people’s money.
      .-= Shane Vander Hart´s last blog ..Who Makes The Best Tyrant? =-.

  8. Disabled? He theatrically stormed out of the room just fine. He just has a problem saying “no” to the next helping of chicken wings.
    What are the income requirements for Medicaid? Medicaid is a state government-run medial insurance program. If that’s okay with you, why are you so opposed to a federal program like, I dunno, Medicare??
    There is no “government decision.” I don’t know where you’re getting this. The greedy insurance companies want to keep jacking up your premiums, and you think that’s just dandy. Can you do the math here?

    1. @Adam Best, Hey Adam. Have you heard of head injuries? I had a guy in my church back from Iraq who had a traumatic head injury who was able to walk just fine, run if he wanted to.

      He was still disabled because of his memory.

      I don’t now how this guy may be disabled, but it may have nothing to do with his motor skills.

      Also, don’t talk about math when it doesn’t seem like the Obama administration knows how to do math and figure out how they’ll pay for this mess. Please – did you see the OMB’s report on the deficit? Did you see the unemployment numbers?

      There’s no way they can pay for this in it’s current form. They’ll bankrupt us, and if China doesn’t want to cover our debt anymore we’ll print more money to cover it and won’t inflation be fun?

      I think Medicaid and Medicare need reform – Iowa gets hosed with reimbursements and doctors are dropping out of the system. Well run program let me tell you.

      Let’s talk about real health care reform and how to bring costs down so people can better afford it. That will have a better long-term result.

      They should scrap this and go back to the drawing board.
      .-= Shane Vander Hart´s last blog ..Who Makes The Best Tyrant? =-.

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