bristol-levi-Sarah He might as well have said that.  Vanity Fair released some excerpts of an "essay" that Levi Johnston "wrote" that will be published next month.  Entitled “Me and Mrs. Palin” discussing his “insider knowledge” of the Palin home is designed to be yet again another smear of Governor Sarah Palin by Vanity Fair.  According to Levi:

  • There wasn’t much parenting, no cooking, no cleaning, laundry.. the kids did it all.
  • She wanted to adopt her grandchild.
  • She talked about quitting right after the 2008 elections, and pouted around the house.
  • In a press release that Vanity Fair sent out Johnston also alleges: that she fought with Todd all of the time and there was talk of divorce (at least we know who started that rumor now).

Johnston is at it again.  Here we get a glimpse into his character and find it wanting.  It’s also sad that he has pretty much destroyed any chance of a relationship with the mother of his child.  I hope the 15-minutes of fame and the money (yes he is getting paid, would they pay him if it were to be a positive story?  I doubt it) is worth it.  I’m sure his son will be proud.

Regarding the parenting claim… let’s see they have two teenage daughters… so they do the cooking and cleaning… it’s called learning responsibility.  My kids cook, clean and do laundry and they are younger.  I guess that means my wife and I are not doing any parenting.  Wait a minute… they’ll know how to cook, clean and do laundry when they are on their own.  They’ll be prepared for life.  Isn’t that parenting?  Also teenagers in general tend to exaggerate, “you never do this.”  “Everybody will be there.”  Etc.  I guess he isn’t used to that style of parenting.

Regarding the claims about her wanting to quit.  Well you didn’t see it on the job.  I’m sure in the privacy of her home she likely did complain about the ethics violations and mounting legal debt.  What I doubt is that it was discussed much around Levi.

Wanting to adopt her grandchild, perhaps it was discussed as an option.  Looking at him I’m sure that she didn’t see him as being capable.  But in an attempt to hide the fact it was Bristol’s?  Please.  Nobody is that stupid.  I mean you had people accusing her of Trig not being hers, do you think that would fly?  Perhaps we now have a glimpse of the source of the Trig Truth rumors that got started.

Regarding fighting that may occurred.  I’m sure they did and do have arguments, what married couple doesn’t?  But I think the divorce rumor has been pretty well put to bed and debunked by people who know them far better and for longer than Johnston.

I don’t even want to comment on the hunting allegation, and that she doesn’t know how to handle a rifle.  It’s just ridiculous.

I’m sure the Palin family has flaws, who doesn’t?  The problem with Levi Johnston is that he has a lying problem, and even Politico, not known to be a friend of Governor Palin’s, sees some inconsistencies.

So we essentially have a he said, she said situation, but Governor Palin has far more credibility, believability and character witnesses.  Again, she’s not perfect, but he paints a picture that is completely the opposite of what we are told by her friends, coworkers, and family. 

Governor Palin will not respond to his Vanity Fair article.  I think that is wise.  She’s got better things to do, and he certainly doesn’t need more attention.

Update: When MSNBC thinks you are a liar, you know you have problems. (HT: Hot Air)

The ever cordial Robert Stacy McCain (tongue in cheek) has some pretty strong words for Mr. Johnston:

The scumbag has an agent. The scumbag has a lawyer. The scumbag does a Vanity Fair photo shoot and appears on network news programs. People say they’ve seen him wheeling around in a brand new $30,000 truck. And other people say the scumbag hasn’t bought a single diaper for his own baby son.

HT: Josh Painter

Also, Ace expresses what goes through my mind whenever he shares something negative about the Palin Family.

I don’t know about you, but in my experience, whenever I was dating some girl in high school, her parents were always carelessly exposing family secrets in front of me.

Yeah, that happened to me as well.  Heck it doesn’t happen with my in-laws, and I’ve been married to their daughter for 16-years!

Update II: I agree with Adrienne that he is going to regret this one day.

I find Levi’s behavior despicable. He doesn’t seem to understand that dissing his son’s mother and grandmother is not the way to show love for his son. You mean to tell me that he is willing to jeopardize that relationship for money?

Rather than angry, his story makes me very sad. How is it that at 19 years of age, he has no strong male figure in his life to pull him aside and say, "Dude, what are you doing? What are you thinking, man?"

The anti-Palin crowd is just looking for a story; they don’t even care that the story is not true. Anything to smear the Palins works for them. It was clear the first time I heard Levi address an audience that he isn’t the brightest kid–and I don’t say this to be disrespectful; it’s just true. These blood suckers know it’s true, which is precisely why they’re feasting on him. He’s easy prey. But isn’t there just one man of integrity close to him who can speak some wisdom into his life? One thing is certain: Levi is going to come to regret his actions–and that will be a sad day for him.

Update III: Introducing Levi “I’ll do anything for money” Johnston (HT: Dan Riehl)

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  1. That picture you posted is really beautiful!! It’s just all so sad. It makes you want to yell and cry.

    1. @M Hovda, It is sad. I mean does he think Tripp will grow and and look on him with pride? I hope that he knocks it off, gets his head on straight and tries to rebuild the bridge he just burnt down. His son needs him to be a responsible father, and so far he is failing miserably.

  2. I’d like to see a Saturday Night Live skit, one that imagines a typical evening at the Palin household if every single derogatory fairy tale about Ms. Palin was 100% true.

    The point of it, of course, would be Adrienne’s comment that “The anti-Palin crowd is just looking for a story; they don’t even care that the story is not true.” And naturally that means Tina Fey would never participate in it willingly. The woman has become sort of a virtual kingmaker in our modern realm, and she’s done it all by putting words in Sarah Palin’s mouth that *everyone* understands were never really said by her.

    Obama has gotta be kicking Himself. Sarah Palin’s so much better than He is, at His own game, that there’s a whole branch of literary output devoted to inventing fairy tales about her — and this is after she’s quit! After Mister Wonderful has hung it up, we’ll be hearing about as much about Him as we hear today about Michael Dukakis. And hey, whatever happened to that guy anyway?
    .-= Morgan K Freeberg´s last blog ..D and E =-.

  3. Levi Johnson is being used to screw Sarah. If Levi Johnson thinks these people who are pulling these stories out of him are his friends, he’s sadly mistaken. They aren’t his friends. They are just using him. He may be looking for love in all the wrong places. It will lead to sorrow when they no longer need him, and dump him like an old shoe.

    I don’t know what happened in that little house in Wasilla. But if there was any way that Levi could have kept a relationship with the Palins, he should have kept that option open, and not sold it for money.

    He should have gone to church with the Palins and learned to rely on God for help.

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