My family is currently looking for a new church.  We’ve put this off since moving to the opposite side of town where the church we were members is located due to my being an interim pastor for the last 16 months.  Now that my time there is complete we’ve been visiting different churches.  I’ve visited a number of churches in the area on behalf of my full-time ministry, but it’s different when you are looking for a church to call home.

Essentials for us (in no particular order):

  • Solid theology (solidly evangelical, preferably Calvinist or has a pastor who is a Calvinist)
  • Expository & Christ-centered preaching
  • Committed to and effective in evangelism & community service
  • Solid children’s and youth ministries
  • Homeschool family friendly
  • Dynamic worship
  • Intentional fellowship

We have other things we’d like to see, but those are preferences.  What is important for you in deciding on a church?

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