It’s 3:45am.  I should be asleep.  I tried to be asleep.  I laid awake in my bed for over three hours and here I sit, typing wide awake.  I’ve a lot on my mind, but it usually never takes me that long to fall asleep.  So I gave up and got up.

What things keep you up at night, and what do you do to help remedy it?

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  1. a glass of pinot noir and reading the book of Numbers usually helps…something about wandering around in the desert that can put anyone to sleep…

  2. Shane, you seemed to do the right thing. I’ve heard that if you can’t sleep the best thing to do is to try and stay awake!

    I’d honestly like to believe that it’s my faith in God, but I haven’t had any sleepless nights since July when I got laid off. Perhaps I will if it’s six months later and I’m still out of work. We’ll see.

    I suppose if I let all this get to me, sure, I’ll be up all night. But honestly, I’ve gotten to the point to where God is either who He says He is, or He’s not. Right? I mean, if I call Him my heavenly Father, then like any child, I should have the faith to believe that He knows my needs and will take care of me.

    Besides, although I’m not employed, I’m working around the house, taking care of my almost-two-year-old and other duties while my wife is home-schooling our 16 year old. I’m tired at the end of the day!
    .-= Joe Chavez´s last blog ..“Online Ministry” As Career? =-.

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