Following yesterday’s brouhaha over Lt. Governor Joy Corning’s robocalls for One Iowa and Bob Vander Plaats’ response, Tim Albrecht and Jeff Boeyink, Branstad Campaign employees were mum on how Branstad would personally vote.  They did say he was committed to the traditional (read only true) definition of marriage.  They also welcome Corning’s support of his campaign.  The Des Moines Register reports:

Branstad on Saturday told Republicans at a fundraiser in Des Moines that he would work "to break the roadblock in the Iowa Legislature that prevents" a vote on same-sex marriage.

Branstad did not specifically say how he personally stands on gay marriage. Tim Albrecht and Jeff Boeyink, employees of Branstad’s campaign, declined Wednesday to say how the governor would personally vote on the issue, but said he is committed to marriage being between one man and one woman. Albrecht noted that Branstad signed the 1998 law, overturned in April, that outlawed same-sex marriage.

Corning said Wednesday that she would support Branstad for governor if he moves forward with plans to run again.

"What’s remarkable is, despite disagreement on this fundamental issue, Joy is willing to put that aside to support Governor Branstad," Albrecht said. "This is just another example of Governor Branstad’s unique ability to put together a broad coalition in support of his goal to fix what is broken in Iowa government."

If he is committed to marriage being between one man and one woman, why decline to say how he would vote?  That should be a slam dunk answer right?  Tim mentions, rightly, that he did sign the 1998 Defense of Marriage Act.  Which was eleven years ago, and today they can’t say how he would personally vote on the issue.  Strange.

What’s remarkable isn’t how Joy is willing to put that aside, but how Governor Branstad’s campaign thinks that is remarkable.  Regarding his “unique ability” how is he doing with social conservatives which make up the base of the party?  Governor there is no road to the nomination that doesn’t include social conservatives.  Like it or not, that is simply the reality.

So be forthright.

How would you vote Governor?  How would you vote?  It’s such a simple question.  Maybe Corning knows something we don’t, but we won’t know if you don’t answer the question.

IFPC Action posted their response to the Branstad campaign response.  I’m sure Vander Plaats’ will be along very soon.

Update: Oops… Branstad did issue a statement to The Iowa Republican.  He will vote yes if such a measure is placed on the ballot.  Good.  I’ve been behind on my reading, so my bad.  I’m glad he answered the question.

He still needs to distance himself from Corning.  She’s bad news.

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