Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with Dave Funk at the new Smokey Row in Des Moines.  Dave is one of the GOP candidates for Iowa’s Third Congressional District seat held by Congressman Leonard Boswell.  Below is his bio shamelessly stolen from his website:

Known as Captain Dave by many, his aviation and air-show career spanned over thirty one years. This includes having flown over one hundred different types of airplanes and helicopters. Dave served nearly ten years as an attack helicopter pilot for the Iowa Army National Guard and most recently, as an International Captain on the Boeing 757 for Northwest Airlines. His flying career ended prematurely due to a work related neck injury.

Dave currently works as a consultant with Laird & Associates an Aviation Security and Operations consulting firm and he is also the current President of the Iowa Chapter of Safari Club International, the world’s leading Hunters Rights and Conservation group. Dave recently served as Co-chair of Iowa Sportsmen for McCain-Palin and has been active in conservative political circles for most of his adult life.

Dave and his wife Sheila, a counselor at the DMACC Ankeny Campus, and their family live on a small acreage outside of Runnells, Iowa. He volunteers as a Reserve Police Officer with the Pleasant Hill Police Department.

After I finished recording he and I talked for a few more minutes, and I realized that I neglected to ask him some important questions like…

  • His stance on a Federal Marriage Amendment (I had the question written down, but had glanced over it).  He is in favor of the amendment and is a supporter of traditional marriage being between one man and one woman.
  • Earmarks (duh, well it’s only my third interview, give me a break): He is against earmarks, and wants to eliminate them with the exception of declared Federal emergencies, but to have guidelines in place as to how that is done and that it is done fairly.  He fully supports federal transportation dollars that impact interstate commerce, mentioning that the interstate highway system was a federal project specifically designed by Dwight Eisenhower for national defense.  He says that it needs to be a planned and transparent part of the budgeting process, and last minute additions need to be avoided.
  • He was told by Republican Congressional leadership that he would likely serve with the House Transportation committee if elected (which would be a no brainer).
  • He’s also a huge Sarah Palin fan (had a chance to meet her in his role as the Iowa Sportsmen for McCain-Palin chair), and thinks 2012 is hers to lose.


  1. This is the interview that will effectively end the Funk for Congress campaign and any chance whatsoever he had at this office.

    Funk, who has been running office for some time now, gets completely flustered during the health care questions, and completely punts the “pre-existing condition” part…..attempting to say that he will “turn that over to others who know better” in the district. He clearly was NOT aware of already existing law in Iowa affecting those with pre-existing conditions, and had nothing to say about Boswell completely messing this up in his post vote commentary…clearly Funk is light on any details of healthcare………..but that is not the worst part of the interview….

    Funk, who started as a Flat Taxer fan, now for the first time waffles into Fair Tax supporter territory, and back and forth, not knowing now what to support, a percentage of income tax or a tax on consumption. Wow. This, from a guy who claims to have “50 pages of his competition’s (Bertroche) web page downloaded and saved” just in case there is any waffling there. (does he save those screencaps in a special folder with his enemies list?) You don’t say this kind of weird stuff in an interview….you come of looking very paranoid…not to mention his complete lack of understanding and conviction in the tax policy area……..

    Funk will have to learn that in a 45 minute interview, we don’t need a recitation of airline history, travel lag time, airport thruput efficiency, and air traffic control for 2/3 of the interview. Yes, that is his work history, and if this interview is any indication of his candidacy, the campaign now isn’t leaving the runway and is completely grounded.

    Funk isn’t offering much to the voter at all.

  2. sure thing Shane….but as a registered Republican, I will be looking for the entry of a much stronger Republican candidate in this race as you allude to in the interview (which I think will happen soon)….I want Boswell out of office just as much as you do.

    1. @anthony, Good to know. We’ll see who surfaces. The only name I’ve heard was Brad Zaun, but I don’t think he’s doing it.

      Yes his answer on health care was pretty weak.

      Regarding his tax policy… I know many people who are in favor of a flat tax or a fair tax. I could go with either.

      I guess I don’t see that as waffling.

  3. I have heard that Zaun is getting in too, and I guess I am more optimistic than you about that…he is one experienced name I could fully support, has clear positions, and is a person that one can trust will do in exactly in office what he says…(unlike Boswell).

    I am sure we will know more in the next few weeks.

  4. As one of the organizers of the tea party events earlier this year, and as a guy who votes Republican, I’m a bit surprised about Anthony’s comments. I’ve met Dave, seen him speak at several events, and I’m happy to support him. Dave’s a substantive guy – which is obvious to anyone within two minutes of meeting him for the first time.

    It’s clear that Anthony (who is anonymous) supports someone else. Fair enough, but frankly I think Dave’s the best opposition we could have against Boswell and that he will represent Iowa’s 3rd District very well when he’s elected. I hope that Republican Anthony gets on board after the primary.

    1. @Brett Rogers, I obviously don’t have the same impression of the interview that Anothy has. I would have liked a few more specifics on health care, but I don’t think it was a bad interview by any stretch of the imagination.

      Bad interviewer perhaps… 🙂

      Also when he referred to his airline days – air traffic control, etc. it was in the context of the question I asked what the role of government should do. He gave an example of something he knows quite a bit about. That makes sense.

      The comment about having stuff from Pat Betroche would have been better said when he wasn’t being recorded though. I think pointing out differences between him and Betroche were fine and even mentioning that Betroche is a RINO is fine since I did ask, why should Republicans vote for you in the primary.

      Perhaps just give some examples and not mention the screen captures.

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