This was an interesting interview that Franklin Graham did with CNN’s Campbell Brown that covered Afghanistan (he has a son deployed over there, didn’t know that), Islam, his visit with Sarah Palin (he doesn’t think she’s going to run), and Operation Christmas Child:

Money quote regarding countries living under Sharia law, "Campbell, trust me girl, you do not want to live where Sharia is the law."  I wonder are these journalists just completely blind to human rights abuses that occur in countries under Sharia law?

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  1. And that was a great interview. I have always appreciated Franklin’s views on Islam.. he has a lot of first hand information of Islamic culture and laws.

    Even so I do wonder why he considers Islamic fundamentalism as the only true interpretation of Islam? I know I would not appreciate an Islamic cleric saying that Christian fundamentalism was the only true representation of the faith.
    .-= Kansas Bob´s last blog ..Friendly Thoughts =-.

    1. @Kansas Bob, I think he’s making the point of every country that has Shira law or at least is officially Muslim tends to not do so well with human rights.

      There’s a lot of mischaracterization of Christians by Muslims, starting with the fact those in the Middle East anyway tend to assume Western = Christian.

  2. From a technical standpoint it sounded like Graham and Brown were in a large space with reverberations of a lot of people in the studio. Secondly, I truly admire Billy Graham and what he and his son have done, but those photos in the background constantly changing was annoying.

    Nice response from Graham regarding the Islam religion. Not it’s peoples. I think Brown wanted to “Get” Graham on endorsing Palin. You could see Graham wanting to run away from that line of questioning. I think as a vehicle in wanting to drop/drivequestioning elsewhere (Samaritans Purse) Graham hasitly added “I don’t think she’s going to run”

    When I hear any conservative even a christian say that Palin probably won’t run, I get a little annoyed. Nobody knows what will happen in the future. One thing is for sure, Sarah Palin is activley asking God how she can be used to maximum effectiveness in the life she has been given. So to evengelical Christian leaders who happen to comment in the media, who may feel she will not run (please don’t say that!! 🙂 LOL )) I would emphasize the heart that she has been given to effect changewill be made manifest just like his Dad Billy. The Sixties were ptretty darn dark if you ask me. Billy Graham’s Preaching of the Gospel and it’s inclusiveness to all races at the front of the stadium showed change only God could bring.

    1. @M.Hovda, I think you are right about Brown’s motive behind the Palin question. You are right that nobody knows for sure. The only thing I can think of is if something she said while they were having dinner made him think that way. I don’t think she’s looking past 2010 right now.

  3. I’m constantly amazed at how incredulous so many are about how, um, intolerant Islam really is towards so many of the things they hold dear. The look on Campbell’s face says it all. She obviously thinks Franklin is completely insane when he’s talking about Islam.

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