I was listening over lunch to an interview with T. David Gordon author of Why Johnny Can’t Preach: The Media Have Shaped the Messengers on an older episode of The White Horse Inn.  He said something pretty thought-provoking about the disdain that some have within evangelical circles toward sermons, and how it may be a reflection of their heart.

The mere fact that once a week we listen for 30 minutes as someone paints for us again a sermonic portrait of the competence of Christ as our Redeemer says something.  If we are impatient and don’t want that, we’re saying we don’t regard it as something we will spend 30 minutes on.  If we say that we love Christ, but we don’t want to hear about Him… I just say it’s baloney – we don’t love the Redeemer if we don’t want to hear about Him.

What say you?

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