When I look back on the past year of my life, I almost don’t recognize myself.

I mostly learn by experience, as I think most people do.  I don’t remember the programming language I learned in the class I took last spring but I have learned how to confront people and how to take it when someone confronts me.  I have learned to work hard with a good attitude.  I have gone from an awkward college freshman to living on my own this summer and having a landfill engineering internship.  I bumbled through this all but it has so been worth it.  (Let me tell you that confronting female college roommates can be much more intimidating than confronting large, leathery construction workers.)

I am so excited for what God has for me and for all of us this next year.  So check out 5 of the lessons that I’ve learned this year and comment with your own!  I would love to hear what you’ve learned this past year.

These are mostly directed towards college students because, well, that’s what I am.

1. Sometimes losing an argument is better than losing a relationship, even if you know you’re right.  (This applies a lot in dealing with roommates.)

2. Students are called to do more than just prepare for the future; we are called to minister to those around us and work diligently right here, right now! As a friend says, “There is no such thing as filler time in our lives.”

3. I once heard a quote that went something along the lines of, “What you do with your days is how you will spend your life.”  Reaching large goals means taking small steps.

4. To people still in school: Someday instead of earning A’s and B’s, you will earn money!  It rocks but you don’t want to fail your paycheck (a.k.a. get fired) so work hard.

5. Do what you love and be diligent.  I switched to a major that I feel called to because I realized how much more of an impact I will have if I’m doing something I am truly passionate about. It’s important to do something somewhat practical but if God has truly called you to an area then don’t be scared to pursue it! A friend also wants to add, “Don’t go to grad school just because it’s the thing to do.”

What did 2009 teach you?

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  1. One of the most important lessons I learned in college is that I am not very productive in the afternoon. I can do busywork then or run errands or exercise, but my reading comprehension is poor, and I don’t write well.

    Once I figured that out, I stopped wasting time trying to study in the afternoon. I read and write better in the mornings or late at night.

    Learning how to manage your own schedule is an important lifelong skill, and most teenagers have little experience with that before college, because the school day and extra-curricular activities consume most of their mornings and afternoons.
    .-= desmoinesdem´s last blog ..Environment Iowa Applauds State’s Congressional Champs =-.

  2. I graduated from college last year. It was quite an experience, and I’d second what you’ve already said here. The first one reminded me of something else I’d add:

    The friends you make are the most important gain from college. I once heard someone say this about attending a school like Harvard or Princeton. You don’t go there for the education (now you can get that online). You go there for the chance to connect with some of the smartest and most motivated people in the world… both as peers and mentors.

    I think this lesson applies to any university though. Don’t wait until you graduate to realize this.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.
    .-= bondChristian´s last blog ..I want YOU to write the bondChristian, “About” page =-.

  3. Re: #2, BUT remember that you are there to get an education. It’s easy to get yourself into two Bible studies, three clubs, and a sport and find yourself with no time to study.

    Figure out how much time you need to study to make decent grades and then plug in what you can in the remaining time.

    A hard-earned C honors God. A didn’t-try-hard-enough C does not.
    .-= ChrisB´s last blog ..Headlines 12/31/09 =-.

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