The mainstream media has gone nuts over notes that Governor Palin had written on her palm.

Her response?  Look closely at this picture taken at a rally she did yesterday with Texas Governor Rick Perry.


Nice.  By the way in case you are wondering if it was photoshopped, negative.  You have to love the woman’s sense of humor!  At least she doesn’t need a teleprompter to speak to 6th graders.

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  1. She is always steps ahead of their game and leaves them in the dust, she is amazing.
    Sarah has godly wisdom which is much better then being an elitist or an “educated” fool.
    God bless Sarah, Todd and their precious family in the name of Jesus.

  2. Public speaking is tough! I can sympathize with anybody who needs a teleprompter or crib notes to get through a speech, so I don’t really see what all the fuss is about either way. Politics is all theater these days.

    What gets me about Palin is her wardrobe, like that picture you posted there Shane. Honestly, a turquoise crucifix necklace? Any kind of cross that costs more the a hundred bucks is an object lesson in hypocrisy, to say nothing about expensive designer jewelry that could probably feed a starving child for a year. But that’s not really specific to Palin, there are an endless supply of so-called Christians on both sides of the aisle who spend more on the wardrobe than they do on charity. I get just as worked up when I see cathedrals with crosses made out of gold. What a waste!
    .-= Guy Incognito´s last blog ..Just Chillin’ =-.

    1. @Guy Incognito, Guy, I didn’t realize how up you were on designer jewelery. How is it hypocrisy? Do you know how much the Palins give to charity? I don’t.

      I personally would never be caught dead wearing such a thing :).

      I mostly agree with you in general, but I also think we need to be careful to avoid legalism as well.

      1. @Shane Vander Hart, you know I looked it up and apparently she gave more to charity than Biden, but that isn’t saying much. We’ll see how much that changes now that she’s a multimillionaire. Again, I’m not trying to say she is more of a hypocrite in this regard than any other politician, it’s disappointing from all of them.

        And I’m not trying to dispute the sola gratia thing, but I also don’t think that Luke 18:22 is just a metaphor. Sure you can’t look into the heart of another, but good works are the outward manifestation of internal grace. Parading around with a multi-thousand dollar cross is sort of like walking around with a sign that says “I don’t get it.”
        .-= Guy Incognito´s last blog ..Just Chillin’ =-.

    2. @Guy Incognito,
      Guy, I think that necklace is beautiful. Who’s to say it wasn’t a gift. People give her gifts all the time. During her book tour people gave her all sorts of gifts. We should not speak against her if one doesn’t know the facts. Remember she doesn’t like to shop and when she does she goes to a consignment store; Did you not read her book? Sarah appreciates everything about the people, the love, the hand shakes, the hugs, and yes the gifts. When she wears these items she is showing the people her affection for them. I appreciate everything Sarah does on behalf of the American people. She is down to earth and relates with our trials and life struggles. Remember one thing, Sarah loves God and Country, she wants the same for her family as you do yours. The opportunity to live free and worship God in our own way. She is not in it for the title, handing her title as Gov. over to Sean Parnell for her was doing the BEST for Alaska, to save the state money from all the frivolous ethical lawsuits. If you do the math(NOT the obama fuzzy math), she saved the state of Alaska million of dollars in fighting the lawsuits(17 months worth). She is wise beyond her years, and I for one am pleased with what she is doing and continue to support her.
      Blessings, Irma

  3. To be perfectly honest, this whole sort of thing — derision over the use of a teleprompter or notes on hands or whatnot — is stupid, empty, and meaningless political theater.

    It is beyond absurd the amount of time that is being spent discussing Pres. Obama’s use of a teleprompter, and now Gov. Palin’s use of hand-notes.

    The actual merit of what they’re saying and doing should count for much more than how they stage their notes. Instead, we have silly little stunts that more-closely resemble third grade behavior than that which we should expect from leaders on a national stage.
    .-= WKen´s last blog ..Friday Report =-.

    1. @WKen, You are right that it isn’t a big deal. I just found her writing “hi mom” on her palm pretty funny. And as far as the time being spent discussing this and the teleprompter, well that was kind of the point of this post.

      1. @Shane Vander Hart, Yes, I agree with you.

        I didn’t word my comment well … in context,. Gov. Palin’s little joke was fine. Probably the best thing she could do.

        And you made one quick passing mention of the teleprompter … it’s not a focus of yours.

        There are other people (cough! Rush!) who are obsessed with it. Or the hysteria over Gov. Palin’s notes.
        .-= WKen´s last blog ..Friday Report =-.

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