Former Governor Sarah Palin filmed a documentary called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, and Discovery acquired the rights to it, and will premiere on TLC.

Already those on the left are fit to be tied and have started a petition to get Discovery to can the series.  Evidently since they don’t agree with her politics they feel she doesn’t have the right to make a living for her family.  If you have watched Governor Palin in the past as I have, and have listened to her speeches her love and knowledge of Alaska is evident.  She has been a tireless advocate for her state, and Discovery’s choice to air this documentary is, I believe, a good one.

I remember a video I shared not long ago which had excerpts from her speech given to Evansville Right to Life where a good chuck of the speech she talked about Alaska.  She loves her state.  You can watch below.

Since the petition drive on the left is driven by their hatred of Governor Palin, Caffeinated Thoughts is joining an effort spearheaded by the Sarah Palin Web Brigade to sponsor a petition drive in support of this documentary series.  The petition will go to Discovery Communications President and CEO David Zaslav.  Below is the text of the petition.

Dear Mr. Zaslav:

As President and CEO of Discovery Communications, Inc., your good taste and sound judgment were evident in your acquisition of the contract for Governor Sarah Palin’s documentary series about her home state of Alaska.  Who better to tell the story of Alaska than her most famous daughter?  Sarah Palin’s captivating personality will definitely be an asset to your network as you partner with Governor Palin to showcase the majestic beauty of Alaska’s natural wonders.

I join millions of others in my anticipation of this unique and exciting series about Alaska, its history, and its natural wonders.  Governor Palin’s presence alone should ensure outstanding viewer ratings.. Oprah Winfrey and FOX News can attest to that. Governor Palin’s initial appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show gave that show its highest ratings in two years. Her debut as a FOX News analyst drew more viewers than all the other cable news programs during that hour combined. Likewise, the first installment of Real American Stories drew more viewers than all her competitors combined. To put it simply, Sarah Palin is “ratings gold”.

In this petition, I also want to express my concern about the mischaracterization of Governor Palin’s management of Alaska’s wildlife by extremist environmental groups.

In a 2009 letter to Governor Palin, the U. S. Sportsmen’s Association succinctly described the principles of predator management used by Governor Palin during her term in office:

“After years of research, it is recognized by practically all state and federal wildlife officials that predator management is a prerequisite for guaranteeing stable populations of prey species. Given that many Alaska residents rely on moose, caribou, and other wildlife species for food, it becomes imperative that those species not be decimated through lack of predator management. The Alaska wolf management program accomplishes this. It does so through a rigorously regulated, scientifically based system targeting only those predators in areas where wildlife populations are not able to reach adequate levels of sustainability in the program’s absence.”

That letter can be found at

In her New York Times op-ed entitled “Bearing Up,” Governor Palin explained how placing polar bears on the endangered species list was not good science and described the measures that her administration was using to protect wildlife.

That op-ed can be found at

Although politically-motivated groups are trying to smear Governor Palin concerning her stewardship of Alaska’s wildlife, the facts are contrary to their assertions.

In conclusion, I stand with USSA and likeminded groups in my support of Governor Sarah Palin and in opposition to the political attacks that have been made against her. Governor Palin has been a role model for ethical and responsible conduct throughout her political career. She has expressed and demonstrated her love of Alaska and the U. S. A.on many occasions. I look forward to what I believe will be an outstanding series about Alaska by its most noteworthy spokesperson.

You can sign the petition here.

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