Did you watch President Barack Obama’s primetime address regarding the Gulf oil spill?

Me neither.  I’m wondering when President Obama is going to realize that not all problems can be solved with a speech?

Here’s his address if you care to watch:

Here’s Sarah Palin on the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News talking about his address with Bill O’Reilly.

I also find it interesting that his address is trashed on MSNBC.  That certainly doesn’t bode well for the President when his network is bashing him.  I guess Chris Matthews lost that “thrill up my leg” feeling.

There is a point where “just words” are not enough, people expect action, they expect leadership.

Update – 6/17/10: For the anti-Palin folks commenting below:

Bill O’Reilly to Dick Morris – “Palin made the point about Holland last night.”  Also Obama decided to take Dutch help after all (this was after Governor Palin made her point).  Also The Houston Chronicle notes that Obama and BP were slow to accept Dutch expertise.  Even liberal blogger Matt Yglesias defended Palin’s comments about the Dutch and the Norwegians.

So who is being ignorant here?

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  1. You are looking for leadership, yet post a clip of Sarah Palin suggesting that President Obama talk to the “Dutch in the Norwegian” about how to stop the spill, because they are “known for their dikes”?


  2. I watched Palin trainwreck on O’Reilly, lol, how does anyone think she has the smarts to run this country. She cannot speak clearly, and really doesn’t make much sense. I mean the first 2 minutes of that interview she doesn’t make a single point.

    She doesn’t offer any solutions, only criticism. Also WTF was she on about saying 75% of her time was as Governor was working with the oil companies to ensure they are following regulations?? Right.

    Sorry Obama didn’t let the Dutch in when BP was saying it was only 1000 barrels/day. BTW the Dutch do not have a solution for this gusher. Also what’s up with Sarah blaming the spill on the ‘Greenies’ forcing drilling further offshore?? Hey lady, the oil companies all told us it was completely safe and no reason to worry, so that is what we did. If the oil companies just told us from the beginning that they don’t know what they are doing in deep sea drilling, we would have banned that one also.

    1. You are obviously ignorant of her time as a oil regulator and as Governor – yes she did work with oil companies to ensure they were following regulations and living up to their development agreements.

      Just curious what your Dutch oil expertise credentials are?

      1. I was born in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, my cousin works for SRTCA in Amsterdam (the R&D division of Shell). I grew up in the US, I spoke with him last month, he said there is little hope of containing this gusher other than the relief wells, which are questionable also.

        Just curious, do you with Palin was well spoken and clear and consise with her thoughts in the O’Reilly interview? You can tell that O’Reilly has little respect for her, but cannot dig into her too much since they are both fed by the same hand, FauxNews.

  3. Cindy dear: You are the one whose understanding is “Yeek.” Sarah Palin didn’t say Dutch in the Norwegians. She said “the Dutch and the Norwegians.” It was in the context of the Dutch and the Norwegians have an understanding of how to handle these problems and we should have accepted their help, or words to that effect.
    As for the word “dikes,” guess what; not all dikes are lesbians. The word dike can also mean a special kind of dam that is used in parts of Europe to hold the ocean back. Sarah is saying that the use of such dikes–or if not the dikes themselves, but the knowledge of those who build them–might be useful for containing this oil spill.
    So you see, Sarah knows a lot more than you give her credit for. In fact, it is ignorance on your part, not even knowing what she said exactly, and not knowing the meaning of the words you did catch, that made you confused and not understand her. This doesn’t mean she is ignorant, but rather that you are. Have I educated you a little bit tonight?

  4. Sarah Palin is just plain full of baloney, and everyone knows it, including Bill O’Reilly.

    By the way, help from the Dutch/Norwegians was not ignored and was not refused. It was accepted.
    Everyone who’s been following the news knows this.

      1. Nope. We’ve accepted help. Bureaucracy has slowed everything, true. But to state flat out that we have not accepted help is obvious partisan flak.

        “From Mexico — Two skimmers and 13,780 feet of boom (accepted in early May). From Norway — Eight skimming systems (accepted in early May). From Netherlands — Three sets of Koseq Rigid Sweeping Arms, which attach to the sides of ships and gather oil (accepted on May 23). From Canada — 9,843 feet of boom (accepted on June 4).”

        And thank you for publicising the O’Reilly “gotcha” interview of Palin. She had no idea he was going to ask her questions like that. Brilliant.

  5. Palin is good at criticizing but has no solutions. Call in the dutch? We already did that, perhaps if she starts reading newspapers she might have avoided that ignorant gaffe.

    Anyone can sit around and criticize. It is a different story to be in charge of a problem and provide actual solutions. Palin has none. Zero.

    What galls me about her is she does not even try and study up on the problems we have. She is just bilking people out of their money. It is two years later from the last election and she has never stopped campaigning.

    I like O’Reilly, but you could see in his facial expressions, he was getting a bit disgusted with Palin and her non answers.

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