Did you watch President Barack Obama’s primetime address regarding the Gulf oil spill?

Me neither.  I’m wondering when President Obama is going to realize that not all problems can be solved with a speech?

Here’s his address if you care to watch:

Here’s Sarah Palin on the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News talking about his address with Bill O’Reilly.

I also find it interesting that his address is trashed on MSNBC.  That certainly doesn’t bode well for the President when his network is bashing him.  I guess Chris Matthews lost that “thrill up my leg” feeling.

There is a point where “just words” are not enough, people expect action, they expect leadership.

Update – 6/17/10: For the anti-Palin folks commenting below:

Bill O’Reilly to Dick Morris – “Palin made the point about Holland last night.”  Also Obama decided to take Dutch help after all (this was after Governor Palin made her point).  Also The Houston Chronicle notes that Obama and BP were slow to accept Dutch expertise.  Even liberal blogger Matt Yglesias defended Palin’s comments about the Dutch and the Norwegians.

So who is being ignorant here?

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