Alaska’s Republicans will have a chance to vote for their nominee.  Joe Miller is taking on incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski, and they had a debate on Thursday.

Methinks that Murkowski got her head handed to her on a platter, Joe Miller clearly won this debate.

Miller has been endorsed by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Lars Larson, Dr. Christie Eberhardt (President of Alaska Right to Life), and the Tea Party express.  Murkowski has some notable local endorsements and the endorsement of the NRA, she is good on 2nd Amendment rights (it would be impossible to get elected in Alaska otherwise).  There is a definite Tea Party/conservative vs. establishment battle going on here, as Murkowski embodies the Republican establishment in Alaska having been appointed to her seat by her father, former Governor Frank Murkowski (no nepotism there I’m sure!).  Her father was then beat in his primary against Sarah Palin.

It’ll be interesting to see how Tuesday plays out.  I’m pulling for Joe Miller as the true conservative running, color me unimpressed with Senator Murkowski’s overall voting record.

  1. Godspeed Joe Miller. I’m not an Alaskan resident and I still feel like my future and the future of our republic depends on Mr. Miller and other constitutional conservatives like him. False conservatives like Murkowski MUST be defeated if we are to stop this slow but steady slide towards statism. Every American should donate to this guy. Due to the Alaskas small population, it doesn’t take much money to win there. Especially in a close race like this one. Just think though, his vote could the the one that neutralizes Harry Reid’s. When one observes their actions, it seems cleat that the leftist politicians like Senator Reid see themselves as some sort of political aristocracy. They do not seem to care that their destructive policies will cause incredible damage to those of us who will still be here after they are gone.

  2. Very impressed with Joe Miller! Exactly the kind of man America needs in all offices of local, state, and federal government and throughout all its other institutions. I’ll support Joe Miller in word and financially!

  3. “…Not absoluetly cleaning, clearly stated…” – Lisa Murkowski (9 mins into part 1) Um what?!? Not stated clearly?? Um right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Right to Life!!! HOW IS THIS NOT STATED CLEARLY??? I mean am I justsome sort of genuis to see this, or has the world really gone this insane??

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