imageUpdate: 2nd email sent tonight announcing that the press conference will held in front of the Iowa Judicial Building (1111 E. Court Ave. in Des Moines) at 10:30a on Friday morning.   Now I think its likely this is about a campaign against judicial retention and some comments about the California Prop 8 ruling, etc.  I could be wrong, but this would be a strange place to announce an independent Gubernatorial campaign, and he would have to file by next week.  Could be wrong, but it looks like we will not be seeing Vander Plaats back in the race.

Original: I received a cryptic email from a Vander Plaats’ communications guy about a press conference he is going to hold.  It will be at 10:30am tomorrow on the Statehouse grounds somewhere (the email said “to be determined”).  That’s all I know folks.

Perhaps its an endorsement… just kidding, if it were an endorsement it would not be held at the Statehouse.  If it were in front of the State Judicial Building, I’d think he’s organizing a campaign against the retention of the three Iowa Supreme Court justices.  If I were a betting man, I’d bet he’s going to announce an independent run for Governor, but will withhold comment until I know that for sure.

What do you think?

  1. My guess is this is an announcement for an independent run at the governor’s office. Which means four more years of Chet.

  2. I love Bob, I supported Bob, but this would be a bad decision. I am not a big fan of Brandstad, but he is no liberal on the social issues (unless you count gambling, YUCK!). 40% of 50% is 20%. But many people will abandon VP, rather than joining him.

    There is a place and time for independent runs. This is not it. I doubt if VP can attract enough DEmocrats to make a difference and he has certainly plateaued among the GOP.

  3. I have to guess he “floated” the first location to see how it played in the media and since it didn’t produce a groundswell of sentiment for him to run as an independent, he went to Plan B and is going to do as you said before, organizing a campaign against the retention of the three Iowa Supreme Court justices and commenting on the Prop 8 situation.

  4. Maybe Bob VanderPlaats is going to endorse Brenna Findley but I am not sure. To let all of you know that my name is Jeremy Walters I am the candidate seeking to unseat house majority leader Kevin McCarthy in House District 67. You may check out the Campaign website at

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