imageUpdate 8/16/10: Apparently I confused Keith Halloran with Timothy Horrigan in the AP story I referenced.  It was Horrigan who had the “non-apology, apology”.  I apologize for the error, as I certainly did not want to criticize the wrong individual.  I am not entirely sure how I made this mistake because after re-reading the AP story it is pretty clear.  Regardless, of how it happened I had it wrong and I apologize to my readers and to Mr. Halloran.  I’m embarrassed by my carelessness with this post, and will strive to not let it happen again.  This post has been edited to reflect this change.

I’m following up on today’s earlier post regarding despicable comments made about Sarah Palin in response to former Senator Ted Steven’s (R-AK) death.  Keith Halloran, a Democratic activist and New Hampshire House Candidate posted on Facebook, “Just wish Sarah and Levy [sic] were on board.”  New Hampshire State Representative Timothy Halloran also posted on Facebook, “”a dead Palin wd [sic] be even more dangerous than a live one…she is all about her myth & if she was dead, she cldn’t [sic] commit any more gaffes.”

AP via Fox News reported on Horrigan’s “apology” today that was posted on his website:

I apologize to anyone who feels they need an apology from me. And anyone who feels the need to be angry at me is free to be angry at me. I made some mistakes, but I am not ashamed of who I am. I am not ashamed of anything which I am. Nothing anyone says to me is going to change the way I feel about myself — especially if you don’t know me.

When somebody says “I apologize to anyone who feels they need an apology from me” or “I apologize to anyone who was offended by my remarks,”  it’s not a real apology.  It’s a pathetic attempt to appease those who are angry, and only real regret is the grief they are taking.

I’m glad that Horrigan he has good self-esteem, but that isn’t the point.  The point is that type of behavior is unacceptable.  It’s amazing he’s so narcissistic that the “apology” is all about him and how he feels about himself.

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  1. For folks who are not from Rindge – this is nothing unusal from Halloran. This is standard operating procedure. The only difference this time is that it’s began on someone else’ Facebook page, and someone else leaked it to the news.

    Halloran has stated on a few other occasions that he would like to see politicians like Dick Cheney have “The Plug” pulled on him, and he’s threatened me personally with incarceration if I don’t stop debating him on a local issue on a Facebook page. He makes threats, posts insults… then takes them down before anyone can make something out of it.

    That’s what cowardly people do. Let’s all just make rude, hurtful and threatening comments towards each other… then delete them! “Nope… didn’t happen… can’t prove it.”

    This is what really troubles me about politics these days – the obsessive, childish, compulsive hate! “I hate YOU because you don’t like the same things I do! And I wish you would just die!” Didn’t we all leave that behind when we graduated Jr. High?

    And now that’s coming out of the mouths of professional news commentators and candidates! Then there are the apologists who help perpetuate it with the “he started it” statements. Worse – it shows no signs of stopping. Soon candidates will shoot each other in “Drive-Bys” or have fist fights on the debate stage. Then pretend it never happened.

    Many of us on both sides of the isle in the region saw this coming. This was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off – sooner or later. It’s like graduation day… we always knew it was coming but we can’t believe it’s finally here.

    1. I didn’t realize he’s from Rindge, nice town… I’ve been there three or four times for a conference held at the Woodbound Inn.

      Thanks for the background on this guy.

  2. Halloran, the Hater from New Hampshire. What a jerk. He isn’t fit to clean the moose-dung off Sarah Palin’s hunting boots–although , secretly, he would love to.

  3. “It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Abe Lincoln

  4. I’m not from Rindge, but I am from NH.

    Halloran went too far this time, but it’s really only that he got caught. He’s one of the more-obnoxious people in the whole state, for my money.

    There are many people with whom I disagree. I don’t actually wish any of them dead. And I don’t think that death jokes are funny.

    At least he could have been honest enough to say, “I’d like to apologize to everyone who feels like they need an apology, but, you know, I’m not sorry. So, there!”

    No less classy, and at least then he’d have the virtue of being honest.

    1. “I bet you guys just love that he’s getting national attention.”

      I apprecate the traffic that my site has been getting, people are looking for more in-depth commentary about Halloran. It’s been written, but hasn’t been published yet. I’m debating on doing so. I’ve backed off of politics in favor of doing other things… but there’s more to the story then just this ONE comment. There have been many more that have have made local news – but this has gone national.

      Halloran isn’t the problem – he’s the product of a system that is built on personal destruction as a means of getting ahead. The more sensational things you can say about someone, the better chance you have getting noticed. The more deranged someone is, the more likely that someone is going to say something like “I wish that person was dead.”

      This week it’s Keith Halloran saying “I wish Sarah and Levy were on board,” next week it’s someone putting a gun in Sarah’s face and pulling the trigger? Its that’s next? Not his fault, he’s just contributing to the decline of civility and political discourse.

  5. That apology you didn’t approve of came from me, Timothy Horrigan. I do understand that Keith Halloran and Timothy Horrigan are extremely similar names, so extremely similar that it is virtually impossible tell us apart. But it was me, not the other guy, who made the specific comment you are objecting to.

    1. Thanks for the comment Tim. Anyone who knows you, knows that you are fair and measured in your comments. Sorry that people thought, Keith’s comments were yours. You are two VERY different people. Both of you great in your own ways. Keith has obviously allowed Ms. Palin to get under his skin, which is not hard to do. What is sad in this whole thing, is that most Americans want exactly the same things, yet we let two groups, who want to hang onto power divide us. Follow the money!

      1. Mary, I didn’t confuse Keith’s original comment with Tim. I never said that. I actually criticized Keith for what was Tim’s non-apology.

        I love how you diminish Keith’s comment. You know President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid get under my skin all of the time, but yet I don’t wish them harm.

        Tim’s original comment which got him into hot water really wasn’t much better than what Keith had said, so let’s not turn him into a saint.

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