Yesterday was Milton Friedman’s birthday.  Milton Friedman was a Nobel Prize Winner for Economics in 1976.  He died in 2006.  He would have been 98 today.  He was a champion for limited government and educational choice, a voice for liberty.  I participated on Friday evening in a Friedman Legacy for Freedom Day dinner.  These dinners took place in every state and in several nations.

Below is a video is an interview he did on Phil Donahue’s show in 1979.  It is amazing how times have changed by listening to the reaction of the audience to Friedman.

Below is a show that he did on educational choice in 1980 called “Freedom to Choose.”

In the video show on Friday night Donahue said that before he knew Milton Friedman he was a “flaming liberal.” Now he says he just sparkles a little 🙂 . With common sense solutions like the ones that Friedman advocated we can make progress in reigning in government and improving educational opportunities in the United States.

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