Former Governor Sarah Palin was in Homer, Alaska filming for TLC’s documentary, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  Homer resident Kathleen Gustafson who is also a teacher (well maybe not) hung a banner that read “Palin Worst Governor Ever.”

When I first heard of this my first thought was that she obviously hasn’t met Iowa’s Governor Chet Culver or former Governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine.  Seriously,  even in her home state I didn’t realize that former Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski was such a gem.

If Governor Palin was the worst Governor she has ever encountered then she’s led a pretty sheltered life up there in Homer, AK.

But I digress, what I really want to address is how the left has been salivating over the YouTube video was released that you can watch below:

Watching this a couple of times now I really fail to see how this makes her look bad.  Let’s look at what this video really demonstrates…

What I see here is her willingness to speak to a detractor.  She was witty (some interpret that as snark, but she wasn’t putting Ms. Gustafson down) in a self-depreciating way.  She didn’t lose her temper.  She didn’t manhandle her unlike some Congressmen we know.

How does this make her look bad again?  Even Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers wondered the same thing.  Through the whole thing she was pretty nice and patient.  I would hope that I would be as patient if somebody was protesting me like that.  Now regarding the “eye roll” controversy saying she’s disparaging the teaching profession is a non-starter considering her Dad’s a retired teacher.  Don’t let the facts of her personal history get in the way of a story though.

Now since this video has been edited I wonder when we’ll get to see the whole thing since it was edited to show Governor Palin in the most negative light.  The person who got this whole thing rolling, Shannyn Moore, is *somewhat* truth challenged providing the “context.”  Since she was one of the original victims of PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) that is hardly a surprise.

At the end Palin and Gustafson agree that they both agree on the freedom of speech and the protection of it.  What I wonder is why would you waste your time protesting somebody who is no longer in office?  She’s a private citizen now (sure a high-profile one), and not currently in office or involved in making policy.  When former Governor Branstad defeats Governor Culver in November you can bet that I won’t spend one minute in protest of him, I’ve got more important things to do.

She handled herself quite well in light of this criticism, of course the vitriol that came out in light of former Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) death in a plane crash this was quite mild.

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