image Prayer is something that many of us struggle with and don’t do enough of.  Color me guilty.  Reformed Meditations gives 10 reasons why Christians are called to pray:

  1. It is the primary way to commune and fellowship with God.
  2. It is the only decree in which to combat spiritual warfare.
  3. It is a conduit from the Holy Spirit to the soul that allows for immediate access of grace and deliverance from enemies, the world, sin and temptation.
  4. It enables the Christian to obtain empowerment through the Holy Spirit and to obtain particular spiritual gifts if God so wills.
  5. It causes and enables the regenerate Christian to enter the supernatural realm and to be merely used as a vessel that is subject to the direct power of God to attain and obtain extraordinary means to an end.
  6. It is a primary means to thank God for gifts that He has freely bestowed through grace; namely, eternal life.
  7. The regenerate is immediately humbled the moment he is  succumbed to infinite power in prayer as he approaches the throne of grace to request interceding power outside himself.
  8. It is a limitless opportunity to humbly submit requests to our Father and to seek his will in particular affairs.
  9. To be healed or for the specific healing of someone else.
  10. Because believers are commanded to pray in holy scripture.

Also through our relationship with Christ we have the gift of access, in that we can with confidence draw near to the throne of grace so that we may receive mercy and find grace in our time of need, (Hebrews 4:16).  Let’s make prayer a priority every day.  Not out of duty, but out of love as our Savior paid a steep price so that we can have access to the Father.

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