I have been reading this book the way I like to eat chocolate, slowly and savoring it; I do not want to finish reading it, I am so enjoying it that I wish it could last longer.

The book is Family Religion. Principles for Raising a Godly Family, by Matthew Henry. I recommend you this book very much. Matthew Henry addresses fathers, but we moms need to read it too, because we are in the same ship, and when dad is not home, we stay behind the rudder.

Books like this one are important to read, because we, Theology lovers, need to be careful not to study hard the doctrines and then forget to live them in our home, around the table, while cooking, and setting the table or raking leaves.

Home is where we start living what we believe.

Home is where we first serve others; it is in our home where we learn to love and preach and live out those principles that we  zealously defend.

This is an excerpt from the chapter entitled “A Church in the House”:

“Be not Christians upon your knees, and unbelievers in your shops. While you seem saints in your devotions, prove not yourselves sinners in your conversations. Having begun the day in the fear of God, be in that fear all day long. Let the example you set in your families be throughout good, and by it teach them not only to read and pray, for this is half their work, but by it teach them to be meek and humble, sober and temperate, loving and peaceable, just and honest; so shall you adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour; and those who will not be won by the Word, shall be won by your conversation. Your family worship is an honour to you, see to it that neither you nor yours be in anything a disgrace to it” (p.60)

Have a most blessed weekend, and enjoy the precious duty of raising a godly family.


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