image Braley, Loebsack & Boswell backed job-killing legislation

DES MOINES – Today marks six months since the government takeover of health care.  Despite Democrat claims that government-run health care would bend the cost curve, improve quality, and lower insurance premiums, Americans are now feeling the brunt of the unintended job-killing consequences of President Barack Obama’s $2.5 trillion health care experiment. 

A recent study found that roughly half of small business owners expect to see significant health care costs in the short term, which will likely impact their decisions about making new hires.

Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn said, “Six months ago Iowa’s Democratic Congressmen Bruce Braley, Dave Loebsack and Leonard Boswell voted for job-killing tax increases and burdensome regulation, while more Iowans lost their jobs. Today 114,000 Iowans are still unemployed and Democrats’ empty promises are falling flat.”

Strawn concluded, “Democrats who chose to ignore their constituents and our nation’s slumping economy in order to ram through President Obama’s liberal agenda can expect to be held accountable as voters head to the polls.”

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