7:48p: No bombshell announcements, but I wasn’t expecting any.  She did a great job at rallying the base.  She touched on fiscal responsibility, Obamacare, the sanctity of life, and fiscal issues.  She sounds like a potential candidate to me.  Did a great job plugging the local candidates.  I know some hoped that she’d touch on the marriage debate, but I didn’t expect that either.  I’ll process this, watch her speech again at home (you miss a lot live blogging) and post again.

7:46p: Palin is done…

7:44p: Talking of the tea party movement, “I’m confident and hopeful because this is our movement, this is our moment… We are nto sunshine patriots.”

“This is why we don’t need to transform America, we need to restore America.”

“The Constitution is the pathway to a more perfect union.

“Every innocent life deserves protection and respect.”

7:39p: We need a few rogues to shake us up.

7:33p: “Let the private sector soar” and we’ll see better times again.

“They think that America’s future should be dictated from the top down, not the bottom up.”  We believe like Ronald Reagan that Government is often not the solution that it is often the problem.”

“We need to stand up to our enemies, and stand with our allies.”

Bashing Obama’s miscues on foreign policy.  Failing to support Iranian protestors, not standing up to North Korea, still refusing to admit that the surge in Iraq.

Ronald Reagan had clarity and vision and purpose.

7:31p: In agreement with Obama… the sky is blue, there are fish in the sea, and “better days are ahead, because November 2 is just ahead.”  Likes some of his tax credit plans… especially the ones that were part of the McCain-Palin platform.

7:28p: It is the voters who will turn things around.  “It’s the patriots who will restore America” not the GOP.

7:24p: She says she’s an advocate for freedom of the press, and because of the great sacrifice that has been made for such a thing the media needs to be held accountable to tell the truth.  Thumps journalists who use anonymous sources and who characterize tea partiers as fringe.

I would love to be in the media section right now.

7:21p: She says contested primaries are great, but now it is time for unity.  Said it it’s time for a “wood shed” moment.  “The primary voters have spoken.”  Reference to our contested primary, but brings up Delaware and Alaska Senator GOP primaries.

7:19p: Talking about needing candidates who will uphold the constitution, stand for states’ rights.  Gives a shout out to Brenna Findley.

7:16p: Gives a shout out to Branstad.  Saying we need to focus on 2010, not on 2012.  “We need leaders who respect we the people, like Chuck Grassley.  Senator Grassley is someone dear to my heart… he’s the only one I know who likes to Twitter as much as I do.”

7:14p: Governor Palin up reminds us about Constitution Day and gives tribute to military.  She talked about running this morning wearing a Hawkeye shirt and Cyclone cap.  Headline – “Palin in Iowa, decides to run.”  LOL.

7:12p: Iowa GOP Chair Matt Strawn gives a tribute to President Ronald Reagan.

“Changing America means changing Iowa in 2010.”

7:03p: Former Governor Terry Branstad is up thanks Sarah Palin for drawing such a great crowd (way, way more people compared to last year).  Governor Palin had endorsed Terry Branstad.  He’s highlighting Governor Chet Culver’s record, especially the controversies and scandals.  He said “we don’t want to be like Illinois.”

Unemployment has increased, he has increased our debt (via I-Jobs).  “We need to restore pay as you go fiscal responsibility.”  Highlighting his job creation goal of 200,000.  Raising standard of living… reduce the size of government.  Gave his LG running mate, Kim Reynolds, a shout-out.  He’s introducing and championing all of the down ticket races.

7:00p: Senator Chuck Grassley is up, “We work for you, you don’t work for us.”  He said the first rule of being in a hole is to stop digging.  “A Republican Congress will reclaim America for Pelosi and Reid.”  Senator Grassley is well loved in Iowa and has made it a habit to visit each of Iowa’s 99 counties every year.  He held a ton of town halls this year.

Update 6: Jim Gibbons, former Third Congressional District candidate is up.  He’s the chair of the dinner.  He introduced Brad Zaun running in 3rd district, Ben Lange running the 1st, Marinette Miller-Meeks running for 2nd, Brenna Findley for AG, Matt Schultz for Secretary of State, and Dave Jamison for Treasurer.

Update 5: Congressman Tom Latham up wondering what the heck they do San Francisco, don’t try to wrap your mind around Speaker Pelosi… it’s pointless.

Matt Strawn had to stop by to break up a fight between Art Smith and Grant Wood.

Update 4: Congressman Steve King is giving an update on his discharge petition drive to repeal Obamacare he has 117 signatures, needs 218.  Talking about how the new President in 2013 will sign the repeal of Obamacare on Day One.

Update 3: State Auditor Dave Vaudt led us in the Pledge, Congressman Steve King is up.   My colleague, Art Smith asked if he trashes Sarah Palin if we’d still be friends.  I’d have to think about that :).

Update 2: Have to give Dave Price of WHO-TV a shout-out who said that  Iowa GOP chairman, Matt Strawn told him there are 1500 here (at $100/person).  I won’t complain about my seat after seeing where  Dave and the rest of the media have landed.  Also had the chance to meet Carl Cameron of Fox News, rudely interrupting a conversation he was having with Kay O. Henderson of Radio Iowa.  I’m such a loser (you can disagree with me at anytime), but at least she got a link out of it.

Notable quotable from Chad Airhart running for Dallas County Recorder – "No brain suck in Dallas County."

Also had a chance to speak with former gubernatorial candidate Rod Roberts and his wife Trish.

Update 1: Met SAPWolf who frequents Conservatives4Palin.com, good to put a face with the comment handle.

At Hy-Vee Hall for the Republican Party of Iowa’s Ronald Reagan Dinner featuring former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  The event will start at 6:30p (CST), with Governor Palin expected to begin at approximately 7:00pm.

Please consider this post an open thread regarding the event or speculation about 2012, etc.  I will be updating this throughout the evening so be sure to refresh your browser for updates.

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