Okay, okay it’s a little premature.   But President Obama won the award and he hadn’t done a single thing to bring in world peace.  Terry Jones went from being the most hated man alive to the one man in the country willing to stand up to Islam.  After deciding to cancel, or at least postpone the burning of Qurans, perhaps he will even persuade one group of Muslims to back down from their plans to build a mosque two or three blocks from Ground Zero, the place where we lost thousands on 9/11.  (Let’s never forget they also attacked the Pentagon and would have killed more had brave souls not brought down Flight 93 near Shanksville, Pennsylvania).

For good measure, Pastor Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida supposedly has a meeting on 9/11 with imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the warmonger who just today threatened more Islamic terrorism if we don’t let him build the Cordoba Initiative mosque.  Now that Pastor Jones is making a visit to New York on Saturday, odds are only fifty-fifty the mosque goes up where planned.  

Supposedly the lives of soldiers and American tourists everywhere were in danger because Terry Jones planned to burn a few hundred Qurans (Sometimes spelled Korans or Corans). 

Thankfully, General David Petraeus can now get back to fighting the real war against those otherwise peace-loving Muslims in the Middle East.  The ones threatening menace and mayhem if the offensive book-burning takes place or if the offensive mosque-building doesn’t take place.  The ones yelling “Death to Christians”, “Death to America”, and “Death to Israel”!  (Seriously, for a moment, do we really think terrorists need these thin excuses to kill us all?  No, these things simply distract our politicians and military personnel from doing their jobs and sidetrack Christian ministers from preaching the True Gospel).

Would that General Petraeus had said this to the protesters:   “The moment one of you turns from burning the American Flag to injuring or killing one of our soldiers or American Citizens, you’re toast!  We are fighting for freedom, even the free speech rights of people we think are nuts.”

 All this peace stuff is a go unless, of course, the raging-mad Muslims will attack us for just having one person thinking about doing something offensive.  Nah! Our enemies are way too rational for that.  

While real civil unrest was approaching, President Obama was probably golfing.  Let’s not forget how quickly he scheduled that breath-taking, peace-making Beer Summit when civil war nearly broke out between Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge Massachusetts police Sgt. James Crowley.   But Obama offered no summit for Rauf and the 9/11 victims after months of controversy choosing instead to side with the Mosque-Builders.  Leave it up to Pastor Jones, my soon-to-be, Nobel-prize nominated diplomat to get the job done.  Al Gore won one for just warning us about global warming, Pastor Jones is putting real fires out.

UPDATE 9/10/10: It has come to our attention that Cape Girardeau may end up with two former residents being nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize.   Who was the other almost Nobel laureate?  Jones classmate, and fellow Central High School alumni of 1969, talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

I seriously hope the summit takes place.   Then I might write another article entitled “What if They Called a Bonfire and Peace Broke Out!”   Unlike Obama, Jones may have to wait until he accomplishes something to get a prize.   But I’ll be first in line to make the nomination if that Mosque ends up down the road a fair piece.

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