While the world focuses on a nut-job in Florida, a report from the UK Guardian comes out reporting war crimes committed by our troops.

From the piece:

Twelve American soldiers face charges over a secret “kill team” that allegedly blew up and shot Afghan civilians at random and collected their fingers as trophies.  Five of the soldiers are charged with murdering three Afghan men who were allegedly killed for sport in separate attacks this year. Seven others are accused of covering up the killings and assaulting a recruit who exposed the murders when he reported other abuses, including members of the unit smoking hashish stolen from civilians.

The names of the five soldiers accused of murder are: Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs, Jeremy Morlock,  Andrew Holmes, Michael Wagnon and Adam Winfield.  According to the piece, the actions were first reported in May and arrests were made in June.  But somehow it doesn’t make it into the news until now.  We will see how the 24 hour news cycle handles this one, will they continue to continuously interview Billy Bob Book Burner or will they start reporting the real news coming from the front lines.

We wonder why so many Muslim youth can be so easily indoctrinated by radicals into hating the west.  We try to blame it on “our freedom”, i.e. they hate us because we have free speech that allows crazy folks to burn Qurans.  We try to blame it on public opposition to building a mosque near ground zero, i.e. “imam threatened more Islamic terrorism if we don’t let him build the Cordoba Initiative mosque”

Could it be that we have hundreds of thousands of soldiers occupying Muslim lands, some of which they consider holy.  Could it be that we have a long tract history of interfering with the affairs of soverign Muslim nations, propping up our own puppet governments?  Could it be that we have unmanned drones crossing over into soverign Pakistan without Pakistani or US congressional approval, resulting in the death of women and children we simply consider “collateral damage”.  Could it be that we have soldiers raping their daughters, then murdering entire families to cover it up?  Could it be that we have soldiers tossing grenades at the feet of civilians for fun, killing them for sport, and collecting fingers for their entertainment.

No it couldn’t be any of that…that would be blaming America first.

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