Wretched Radio and TV’s Todd Friel has been doing an outstanding job of reaching out to Glenn Beck personally, calling upon him to abandon Mormonism if he really has repented of his sins and believes in the Atonement. Other Christians who instead publically affirmed Becks’ faith include David Barton, Jim Garlow, James Robison, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and Dave Roever. These all participated in or helped promote Beck’s rallies in Washington, DC last weekend, called Divine Destiny (held on 8/27) and Restoring Honor. The latter rally may have had between 500,000 and a million attendees. How many of those who attended on 8/28 were evangelicals? Is there blood on the hands of pastors and other evangelical leaders who mislead Beck into thinking his profession is valid in spite of his apparent unwillingness to leave the Latter Day Saints? What kind of example are they giving their flocks?

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